V-Day Contest Result is out!

@_@ yes yes yes..
Sorry for the late update.
The v-day contest has ended and ya.. ya.. ya.. the winner got the v chocolate already XD
So BB and I decided to choose this one:

uuuuiiiiii.... so GG man the script...
Si sotong would've kena cubit already if this comes out from his mouth XD

As much as women's boobs would sag in the future, men would see that day too XD *lalalalalala*

Anyway, even tho u so pemalas but congrats Cha (Tasha)!!! *yes, I don't care if you kill me for announcing your name... I'd make it even bigger if I could* Buahahahaha!

Have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY people!!!


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maslight said... February 14, 2009 at 9:18 AM



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