I'm loving dark chocolate more these days

Coz it contains more cocoa, less additives.

Yummm =3

It also eases your mind when:

  • your boss is quitting and you know what's coming at you (oh man.. @_@)
  • they put your part time job to stop due to lack of budget (nooo... my moneyyyyy T_T)
  • you have multiple assignments in hands (not that I'm complaining coz assignments means money. But it also means less quality time with my loved ones), feeling irritated (client can be such a pain in the arse/ people around you can be so insensitive. Ish!) & lack of sleep (panda eyes and dull complexion =_=)

Luckily when dark chocolate is not around, especially now that I'm on a strict diet, I'll need my dose of additives a.k.a entertaining movies, pleasant dinners and good books; but most importantly, I need more cocoa dose a.k.a my family, my sotong and my girls.


and animes / J/K Series too! XD

Leeching Skip Beat and Natsume Yuujinchou from Serena and Marissa. (Muaks! Muaks!)

Wheeeeeeeee~ XD


2 Responses to "I'm loving dark chocolate more these days"

maslight said... February 26, 2009 at 1:59 PM

natsume is the best! I love! XD

uh oh, nyanko sensei kekekek so cute!

anyways, get plenty of rest! @_@

elixelle said... February 26, 2009 at 4:15 PM

babe!! dark choc is gd 4 u ba if m x mistaken i read dt sumwer. haha! so it doesn't hurt ur diet compared 2 other types of chocs. bt of cos klu mkn lbh2 tu x ble la... heheheh... :)


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