remind me what's kedekut again?

I hate losing/wasting money over small things. Period.
If I lose money over silly mistake/unorganised plan, I'll be pissed.
If I treated someone... say for dinner and the food is not finished, I'll be pissed.
If I bring you out for a movie and you fell asleep, I'll be PISSED! *rolls eye at my own sister*
I'm sorry, I just get pissed easily when I lose money.
It goes the same when a food is not value for money.
Tak sedap pulak tu.
It goes the same with driving.
If you don't plan your journey, you'll waste your fuel.
If you step on the accelerator too much and too long without changing gear, you'll waste fuel.
Fuel = money.
Money doesn't fall off from tree... get it???
Geez =_="

"Don't be too kedekut, you'll end up losing more money", mama said.

70% true.
How come that I don't mind spending for something that I like;
something that I like to eat;
Something that can make people happy and brings a smile on their face.. as I said.. like treating friends/families to watch movie.. or out for food outing... BUT get pissed if the food is not finished / someone falls asleep / Complains a lot and vice versa??????!!!

Gosh! ><"

Is that really kedekut?
I know kedekut means stingy... which also means you hate/dont want to spend.
But I love spending. I LOVE to splurge.
But I HATE IT if it is wasted.
Paham kah??? Haaaa????


High expectations....
Paid too much attention to details...

I think I need help =_="

My car battery died and parked safely in the office. Again. *this Piper sure knows where to find a place to sleep*. Now I have to fork out money again! Babi!



1 Response to "remind me what's kedekut again?"

maslight said... February 14, 2009 at 9:19 AM

Erm, I dislike people calling me stingy XD kekekeke coz I'm not, I'm just well organized with my $$ XD


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