dusting off cobwebs

I know...
Fun is over.
Back to blogging.
Nyeahhh... I miss my blog.

I finally managed to use back Matrix (my office pc).
Been holding on to Ms. Ferrari (my laptop) the rest of last week coz I was just too lazy to call the Windows HQ to reactivate Matrix Windows software.
It's good that now they have the phone system to help you reactivate your windows.
All you gotta do is key in some numbers and poof! there you go.
Your Windows is activated.
And you don't really have to talk to some agent to explain things; which was one of the reasons why I was so lazy to pick up the phone to reactivate.

But a word of advice tho.

If let say in the future you'd have to activate/reactivate your original Windows software (pirated user, u can skip this one), do it in a room away from everyone.
Coz the things is, at the end of the activation process, the phone system will ask you 3 verification questions that will require you to say YES or NO.
So of course... i had to say.. YES... YES... YESSSS!
and it got Mars and other colleagues turned their head XD


Mama celebrated her bday yesterday (1st Feb).
It was fairly simple and I get to spend the whole day with her.
Started out with dim sum buffet for brunch. *kenyang I tell u*
Bride Wars for movie. *man... I love it*
Sugarbun for dinner. *I miss the 3 layer tea =(*

But sadly...

No cake ><"

Bday just gone bad without a piece of cake and candles to wish upon and blow.

The initial plan was... brunch, go to Jason's house for open house *I just knew it was his Bday... sorry Jason*, get a cake, back for dinner, sing bday song, make a wish, blow the candles, har-har-har and send Nadia back to UITM.

But plans got reshuffle so last minute *that's why i NEVER like unplanned event* and everything went on with the flow.
The result...
I didnt manage to buy a cake...


Fuh Ok.. no fuss.
Nadia will be back tomorrow.
So a cake cutting is a must!

But on the other side of the note, I got Mama the latest Bodyshop range - Moroccan Rose Fragrance Range: Eau de Toilette, Body Milk and Lipstick.

The perfume smell is quiet heavy imho.
But it smells good on her.
Especially for dinner =3.


Went to watch Equus last Friday.
It was good.
Very good.
I got goosebumps especially through out the end.
That kid (Ralph Lauren) was very talented!
So as Jasmine.
That perempuan is also multi talented.
You'll go far girl ;)

For Equus review, read Massy's post.

BB is off to Seremban for few days.. maybe a week to attend his granpa's funeral (my condolences to you sayang. Be well and hope to see you soon *miss u*).

In the mean time, i gotta finish my Silverhand baby a.s.a.p and be all merry jolly aft this.



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