The world's first "digital clutch"

I've been carrying ms Ferrari (my laptop, fyi) around for 5 years and god knows how I'd whine all the time coz its just too heavy!

"but you never seemed to complain when you carrying your shopping bag", so 'he' said.
"that's different"
"and why is that?" *raising his eyebrow as usual*
*smiling sheepishly*
"you know what, I have a better Idea. Why don't you hold this *shoving ms ferari* and I'll help to check in"

But yeah. I've always wish ms Ferrari could be smaller until I saw this:

The new HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Special Edition!

Pheweeet! Just look at this sexy "China chic".
Thanks to the brilliant work of the world renowed fashion designer Vivienne Tam, I can now have a fashionable, new, world's first "digital clutch"! Yey!!!
Dressed in elegant vibrant red, not only that it's portable, it's also light (weighing a little bit over 1kg), thin and sleek (1-inch thick).
It even looks like Chun-Li in seducing red cheongsam going for a dinner XD

The important specs that you need to know:

  • Widescreen (10.1" diagonal BrightView Infinity Display)
  • Wifi, webcam, Bluetooth included
  • Equipped with SD and Multimedia card reader
  • High Definition Audio, Stereo Speakers with Built-in Microphone
  • 92% Full-sized keyboard
  • 1GB Ram installed
  • Powered by Intel® Atom N270 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) processors and runs on Windows XP Home.

Referring to the specs, this baby will fit just nice in my hand bag especially for traveling. Plus, I can use Fifi *yes, that's what I intend to call it as soon I have the money* as a secondary laptop to do light design work whenever I'm on the move.

Price wise, in comparison to other products with similar weight and size, this baby only costs US$799 (approximately around RM3000) which I'll guarantee my mom would scream "why didn't it come out before I bought my mini-laptop??!!!!!!"

Heh =P

HP will also launch a fully integrated viral experience to help fashionistas around the globe find design inspiration online. The online campaign will consist of a virtual catwalk, design BOT and a designer tour hosted by Tam and can be accessed at beginning early December. *click!*

You can also click here to know more about Vivienne Tam.

PS: Sigh. whoever thought that being a fashion designer can bring you to become a computer tech designer as well.

*pokes BB* ^___^

"early bday present can or not XD"

I'm loving dark chocolate more these days

Coz it contains more cocoa, less additives.

Yummm =3

It also eases your mind when:

  • your boss is quitting and you know what's coming at you (oh man.. @_@)
  • they put your part time job to stop due to lack of budget (nooo... my moneyyyyy T_T)
  • you have multiple assignments in hands (not that I'm complaining coz assignments means money. But it also means less quality time with my loved ones), feeling irritated (client can be such a pain in the arse/ people around you can be so insensitive. Ish!) & lack of sleep (panda eyes and dull complexion =_=)

Luckily when dark chocolate is not around, especially now that I'm on a strict diet, I'll need my dose of additives a.k.a entertaining movies, pleasant dinners and good books; but most importantly, I need more cocoa dose a.k.a my family, my sotong and my girls.


and animes / J/K Series too! XD

Leeching Skip Beat and Natsume Yuujinchou from Serena and Marissa. (Muaks! Muaks!)

Wheeeeeeeee~ XD

the what should and what if(s)

I had a talk with whom one friend of mine considered this particular
person as inspiring and motivating.
This person shared her experience during a course she attended currently,
which basically to find you within yourself and to really help you,
yourself as a person.
To cut story short, it all comes down to each individual;
whether you want and choose to change your life for the better or not.

So it got me thinking.

I pretty know what I want in my life.

No... I should say...

I KNOW what I want in my life.

I want a job that I really enjoy working for.
I want to be independent and if situations allowed,
I want to quit my current job and focus on what I have installed for myself.
I want a relationship that can give me security financially and emotionally.
I want that person to be able to guide me to become a better person,
someone that I know I can perform my duty towards the religion together.
I want when we're old, we can still keep talking without growing tired of
each other and just go travel/date just like loving couple anytime we want.
Take massy's parents for example.

Whatever it is, at the end of the day, I'm just a simple girl who wants something just like what everybody else wanted as well. Yet, we still hold on to what we're doing now; both career and relationship wise.

Just like anybody else, I do question myself from time to time whether this is the right thing to do or not. Whether this is the right path to go on with... Whether I should continue what I'm doing now and lose what I 'invested' in financially and emotionally, waste another set of years and be hurt (again) and regret it later on; or should I just scream 'fuck it' and take the risk, you never know what is installed for you in the future.

What if it'll not work out?
What if it's just not meant to be?
What if it's just another path in life that you have to take,
fail and learn something from it?

Whatever happens to the confidence and faith in what you're doing? or faith in having a relationship with someone?


what happen if he met another me but better and less complicated?
what happen if old habits die hard when what you need is for him to be able to be someone who you can look up to?

Before you begin to make assumptions, let me just straight things out.

Most of my friends know the state of my current relationship.
We're very happy despite differences in race and religion.
No problem at all.


It just takes a lot more effort and understandings to work things
out compare to dating a normal malay guy. (Heck, even dating those
in the same religion doesn't guarantee a happy ending).

We might carry the same title, but most practice otherwise.

Forget those who choose to break the rules, even the super mambo
jumbo who looks 'holy' are worse.

I won't call myself holy.
I even fail to maintain my relationship with HIM.
But I know I always push myself to be a better person,
connect with HIM and do what I must do and I know the stuff that
I need to stay away from clearly.

It's funny when you have so much confident in you and yet at the
same time very insecure about things around you.
Plus, it's quiet difficult for me to really express things out verbally easily.
I sometimes don't know what's the right thing to say as to not to
offend / scare/ create a misunderstanding between anyone.

Sometimes you know what you want, but there are still tons of other things to be considered;
It'll always bug you from time to time so I guess I have to rely on god's gift to us women: our intuition ;)

Nobody wants to fail anyway and that's why we take precautions.
I know I always have the tendency to rush things and get all frustrated if things doesn't go my way; and I know I should take one step at a time and give others the same chance as well.

que sera sera

Oyasumi! ^^



I look awful with those set of panda eyes.
So kids, must get enough sleep even if you have lots of assignments and few jobs in hands XD

I was just about to sleep in the morning when Rum text me this.

"Just re-watched kungfu panda. Really looks like you la. LOL!"
"Jahat! =_="

Am gonna start my sifu-ronaldo-diet starting tomorrow.

Sifu Ronaldo shared some of his diet tips, so am gonna follow it till end of March. YOSH!


To the road of 'kurus-ness'!


Oh my, really?

Sleepyyy =____=
Completed a VERY rush and last minute assignment last night and had to wake up damn early for the CGtalk in UMS.

Harris, the new book store in 1B was great.
Tho still can't beat Kinokuniya/MPH, but it's a good hang-out place to kill time XD
I wish they could have more books on Advertising and Creative Commercials.

BB kept on telling me to refer to "Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps".


"This is a very good reference book..."
(That's what he said...)
"...Do you want me to buy it for you?"
"Why should you waste Rm70+ when I can have fun exploring and learn things about you naturally?"
"tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. That's where you are wrong"


Smart ass...

I would've considered on buying it myself if you didn't somewhat imply that i REALLY need/MUST have it to survive and be able to understand you OR men. *blek*
Do you know I can easily download an E-book if I want to?
In a woman's dictionary, we call it EOO = Sv + Shp
"Exploring Other Options" to "Save for more Shopping"
Did the book tell you that? XD
Oh! Oh! And I read maps better than u at least *referring to book title*.
Ohohohohohohohohoho~ *yes, i'm prepared to be punished for exposing this*

Cecelia Ahern's new book is out btw.

The back side showed no synopsis.
So after digging for some info and reviews, I decided to buy it on my next visit.
Tonight's gonna be a long night again.

shut it, please =_=

Effing great.
I just made a fool of myself ><" *smack self*
Shut up even if you're so excited.
Shut up even if you story tell about someone that gets on your nerve.
Note to self: Sharing is NOT caring. Just shut the fuck up!
I need additional filter.

chatbox deleted

The reason why I put up chatbox in my blog was obvious. To chat with my visitors. NOT for some crazy stalker who loves spamming other people chatbox just bcoz they don't have a life and have so much time to just type bullshit.

There's one particular spammer (who always go by the name David Blaine / David Copperfield / Elton John) whom I kept on deleting/banning his entries/IP since last Friday (what an irony.. last Friday was Friday the 13th.. 'it' should call 'itself' Freddy Kruger instead) but he kept on crawling in my site like forever man. Geez!

Upon noticing 'Its' entries being deleted and 'Its' IP being banned, instead of spamming 3 entries like how 'it' usually did everyday since last Friday, today 'it' put an act of 'peeves' (the poltergeist in Harry Potter) and spammed my chatbox till 17 entries ><". (Ignore the difference in name. They are all from a new AND repeated IPs!).

Pfft*... Get a life!


In the end, I still love a traditional classy guy =3

While some are eagerly waiting for a bouquet of flowers waiting at their doorstep and a romantic candle light dinner, BB and I started our day in Ctmall for the Nestle Exhibition/Roadshow.
I was so ready to register myself at the counter when BB popped a question out of the blue.

"So B, do you want to go to the loo?"
"Nope. You?"
"Ermm.. nvm. Let's go and register for the exhibiton"


So we went in anyway.

It was so much fun going in the walkthrough to each Nestle product booths.
There were free milo drinks, nescafe drinks, can drinks, maggie, mash potatoes, yoghurt, yoghurt drink, ice creams... oh! I was so in breakfast heaven XD

With all those free food and mostly beverage tasting, of course, going to the loo is a must XD Haha!
As soon as i got out, si sotong(BB) was no where to be found.
"Mana lagi this budak... =_="
So i walked for a bit.
Tried to call him.
And there he was standing at the entrance door with flowers in his hand.

As any previous years, I had done hoping for flowers.
To the boys, they'd prefer giving you books instead of flowers.
"Coz flowers will die in less than a week, but books can give you knowledge forever"
Yeah. Whatever.
Let see if you can spot the right one.
Oh! Oh!
The worst statement I got was when I received carnations from a certain someone during V-day 2 years ago.
I thought it was from my 'then-man'.
So I excitedly called him to confirm the gift and only to receive, "No. Why do i need to send you flower?"

Wah lah wei.
Crushed into pieces.

Anyhow, scrap that.

So in return, I gave BB a surpise gift too XD

LOL! The Mystery Love Collection chocolate by V-chocolate.

"Where did that come from???"
"I had it all along XD"

The chocolate was ok.
Very delicate though.
So easy to melt =_=

As I said in my prev post, BB took me to the Little Italy for lunch.

As usual I'd go for my favourite dish, Trenette Arrabiata and Tiramisu! XD

We also went to watch The curious case of Benjamin Button.

Huhuhuhuhu T_T
This is a must watch movie okaaaaay.
And Brad Pitt was sooo oh.. em.. gee there....

The movie basically took about 2 hrs and 45 mins.
Luckily, both of us were just in time to go to Tg Aru, get ourselves keropok lekor *by my request* and walk by the beach during sunset. XD

As always, BB kept me company till i finished my DJing at 2am.

Haaaaa~~~~ A whole day pack with pampering.. LOL!
*Actually I am being pampered almost everyday... tralalalala~*
So who needs a love day anyway XD

TQ for everyday BB ^^

Everyday is a love-love day ^^


BB and I are currently on our way for lunch at one of my favourite places to eat: The Little Itally! *can't wait for the spaghetti arrabiata and tiramisu* Nyummmm!!! Am blogging using my hp btw. We're off to watch Benjamin Button right after we feed our belly. Will blog more soon! Have a nice weekend!

PS: Must go to Citymall today and tomorrow (Sat & Sun) for the Nestle roadshow (11am-7pm). So many freebies and food! Me likey! =3


remind me what's kedekut again?

I hate losing/wasting money over small things. Period.
If I lose money over silly mistake/unorganised plan, I'll be pissed.
If I treated someone... say for dinner and the food is not finished, I'll be pissed.
If I bring you out for a movie and you fell asleep, I'll be PISSED! *rolls eye at my own sister*
I'm sorry, I just get pissed easily when I lose money.
It goes the same when a food is not value for money.
Tak sedap pulak tu.
It goes the same with driving.
If you don't plan your journey, you'll waste your fuel.
If you step on the accelerator too much and too long without changing gear, you'll waste fuel.
Fuel = money.
Money doesn't fall off from tree... get it???
Geez =_="

"Don't be too kedekut, you'll end up losing more money", mama said.

70% true.
How come that I don't mind spending for something that I like;
something that I like to eat;
Something that can make people happy and brings a smile on their face.. as I said.. like treating friends/families to watch movie.. or out for food outing... BUT get pissed if the food is not finished / someone falls asleep / Complains a lot and vice versa??????!!!

Gosh! ><"

Is that really kedekut?
I know kedekut means stingy... which also means you hate/dont want to spend.
But I love spending. I LOVE to splurge.
But I HATE IT if it is wasted.
Paham kah??? Haaaa????


High expectations....
Paid too much attention to details...

I think I need help =_="

My car battery died and parked safely in the office. Again. *this Piper sure knows where to find a place to sleep*. Now I have to fork out money again! Babi!


V-Day Contest Result is out!

@_@ yes yes yes..
Sorry for the late update.
The v-day contest has ended and ya.. ya.. ya.. the winner got the v chocolate already XD
So BB and I decided to choose this one:

uuuuiiiiii.... so GG man the script...
Si sotong would've kena cubit already if this comes out from his mouth XD

As much as women's boobs would sag in the future, men would see that day too XD *lalalalalala*

Anyway, even tho u so pemalas but congrats Cha (Tasha)!!! *yes, I don't care if you kill me for announcing your name... I'd make it even bigger if I could* Buahahahaha!

Have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY people!!!

why does she want a baby so much? =_=

Was watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango when Mars nudged me to view this:

Gosh. Silly kid ><" You wanna have baby so much go ahead. So much fuss. Bising oo! Try having a baby WITHOUT your mama beside you, see how it feels. Then I stumbled upon a spoof version of the above. Hahahahahaha. Bangang! But you gotta stand 5 minutes listening to these two mofos.


This world has gone mad XD


V-Day Contest!

Yeah baby... V-day/Love day is just a few days away =3

Since I'm pretty much done with my work, let us play a little game now.

See this 'comic strip' below?

Ya-ha XD

And this is what you have to do...

COPY & COMPLETE the speech bubble above in your most creative/romantic/funniest way within this 3 days (contest ends on Wednesday 11:59pm) LOL! *gila accurate* and stand a chance to win the Mystery Love Collection chocolate by the new V Chocolate brand in town!

Why do I choose this collection for the prize you ask?

*smiles sheepishly*

V Chocolate Mystery Love Collection is special because the seller do not reveal the flavour of the chocolate to the buyers. In other words, you have to taste it in order to know what the mystery flavour is. Just like love, you'll never know what is in it until u've tasted it.

Cool huh?

I'll be announcing the winner on Thursday (2 days before the 'BIG' day) and the winner will receive the prize just in time before the 14th February 2009.

The judge?

Of coz me and sotong lar... XD Who else?

So think hard, be creative, be funny and submit your entry fast!

Wheeeeeeee~~~~ ^^

Photo credits to Ling :)

PS: Did you notice what Sotong was holding? Hohohohoho!


Edit: I thought of getting your answer through the comment box, but I figured it would be more fun if you guys edit the picture yourself by filling in the speech bubble and send it to my email HURRY!!!

Example from BB's blog:

Go to BB's blog for more silly examples XD


a new taste from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

BB included me for Coffee Bean's food tasting last year..
But I totally missed it *bugger*
So this year, Shan invited again for a food tasting to promote Coffee Bean's latest beverage and snacks.. and FAT CHANCE am gonna miss it this time!

Went with the neko-girl a.k.a Serena.
BB wasn't around coz he was in Seremban that time. *huhu*


I thought it was gonna be all coffee/chocolate drinks and to tell you the truth, I'm all ready to stay awake and get a heart pumping/high due to coffee/chocolate overdose. LOL.

Instead, we were served a new drink called Red Bean Ice Blended.

Oh.. em.. gee... ><"

Do you remember the Red Bean Ice Cream Potong you used to suck during hot weather / watching tv????

That's exactly how it tasted!!!

Instead, it was the melted version and BETTER.

Sedap man I kid you not. My sis Cici and mama would definitely love this one XD

This drink costs about RM12 for a regular size and honestly, since it's so creamy/yummy, I got full half way. Personally I would prefer small size in the future coz I want to save my tummy compartment for this:

*Mandarin Cheese Cake*

Sinful! Sinful! Sinful!

I vowed not to eat too much of a cheese cake *Me dont want to spoil my 'diet'* but this is so dangerously delicious. SO RICH & MOIST. Uncle Wendell said so too...


You can get this for Rm8.50/slice and shared with a friend/special someone. Even I had to share with Serena and Adel. Too full.... HrmmmM Hrmmm~~~~ *no!!!! keep those craving outta my headdddd* T_T

Other snacks served were the Chicken Pasta (It was ok) , Chipotle Chicken Sandwich (Love this!), Cheese and Tomato Sandwich (the tomato looked so big... so I didn't try it. LOL!) and Salad Nicoise (great.. but me still love their Ceasar Salad XD).

*me eating Chicken Pasta*

*Chipotle Chicken Sandwich and some salad*

*Uuuuu... look at all the empty drinks on the table XD*

This promotion lasts until the 15th of March (?) if I'm not mistaken. So you MUST go there and at least get your hands on the Red Bean Ice Blended and the Mandarin Cheese Cake! =3


Packing and unpacking is equally mafan...

but it all went well for our Bit3Lips "Sawan 4Fashion" garage sales.

Big thanks especially to Sakuya and Selina Light (again) for the big purchases!

But most importantly, big hugs to my girls (Bev, Esther and Ling).
These 3 had been a very big help since our first sale.
Despite the long hours and unpredictable weather, they were helpful, always cheerful, fun and ZERO complain.

Anyhow, if there's one thing I learned from this garage sale (aside from team work and friendship) is that...

BB's waist will always be smaller than mine.



Thanx for everything love =3

Oh! It's raining.. *gonna run off to my cosy bed*

Nite peeps!

Bit3Lips is back : Love is in the air

Yaha~ Bit3Lips is back alright and thank u all again for participating and supporting our first closet sale last year.

For this year, Bit3Lips "Sawan 4Fashion" closet sale will be held on this weekend 7th and 8th February from 10am to 10pm.

Chinese new year is almost over and Valentine's day is coming up.

So get your ang pow ready to spend on Bit3Lips Sawan4Fashion sale starting from as low as RM5.

We'll also be getting ready a changing room this time AND a mirror XD

SMS! EMAIL! ANYTHING! Spread the word!!! Go! Go! Go!



Silverhand: 'officially' buka kedai =3


My silverhand baby is officially born!

Blup Blup!

Haha XD


What is Silverhand really?

*not World of Warcraft aaaa!*

In short, Silverhand Events & Creatives is a pet project/enterprise of BB and I which deals mainly on events, PR, multimedia and creatives.

Silverhand is also a place where we can promote local talents through their artwork (your art is money! so *click* to submit your masterpiece) without us taking/charging any money, a place to submit your portfolios into our creative portfolio bank and also a place to spot new talents! ^^

The reason why we did the CREATIVE section is to test the creative market especially in KK... and I really thank those who submitted and showed their support by filling up the empty space we had earlier *XOXO*

In Silverhand, we will also be featuring a local talent each month in FEATURE just like an online magazine *I just love magazine concept, I dont know why ^^*.. and for our so called 1st issue, it is an honour for us to feature Flanegan, the young and aspiring, talented 'proud to be a Sabahan/murut' photographer ;) *click to view*

We also have a PROMO section for the latest promotions be it from ourselves or from our advertiser.

For our first 'ISSUE', we have LambShank Production who are selling LAMBSHANK LIMITED EDITION TSHIRT for RM35 *click to view/order* and V CHOCOLATE, a new local chocolate provider with an international quality and taste! *now you have a reason to buy these items coz Valentine's Day is just around the corner ;)*

Now that I have several job in hands, I have to multitask more than I usually do. That is... during work (current job 8-5pm), after work (PR/Event consultation with clients for Silverhand) and weekends (Sabah Vfm Radio Djing).


Macam Superman kan?

But in a way, all 3 compliments each other, fiuh~

So you know what to do :)

Spread the word and help us grow k? ^^

Visit and BOOKMARK it coz we always have constant updates on latest art and photography submission, monthly features and also promotions!

Feedbacks are totally welcome.

dusting off cobwebs

I know...
Fun is over.
Back to blogging.
Nyeahhh... I miss my blog.

I finally managed to use back Matrix (my office pc).
Been holding on to Ms. Ferrari (my laptop) the rest of last week coz I was just too lazy to call the Windows HQ to reactivate Matrix Windows software.
It's good that now they have the phone system to help you reactivate your windows.
All you gotta do is key in some numbers and poof! there you go.
Your Windows is activated.
And you don't really have to talk to some agent to explain things; which was one of the reasons why I was so lazy to pick up the phone to reactivate.

But a word of advice tho.

If let say in the future you'd have to activate/reactivate your original Windows software (pirated user, u can skip this one), do it in a room away from everyone.
Coz the things is, at the end of the activation process, the phone system will ask you 3 verification questions that will require you to say YES or NO.
So of course... i had to say.. YES... YES... YESSSS!
and it got Mars and other colleagues turned their head XD


Mama celebrated her bday yesterday (1st Feb).
It was fairly simple and I get to spend the whole day with her.
Started out with dim sum buffet for brunch. *kenyang I tell u*
Bride Wars for movie. *man... I love it*
Sugarbun for dinner. *I miss the 3 layer tea =(*

But sadly...

No cake ><"

Bday just gone bad without a piece of cake and candles to wish upon and blow.

The initial plan was... brunch, go to Jason's house for open house *I just knew it was his Bday... sorry Jason*, get a cake, back for dinner, sing bday song, make a wish, blow the candles, har-har-har and send Nadia back to UITM.

But plans got reshuffle so last minute *that's why i NEVER like unplanned event* and everything went on with the flow.
The result...
I didnt manage to buy a cake...


Fuh Ok.. no fuss.
Nadia will be back tomorrow.
So a cake cutting is a must!

But on the other side of the note, I got Mama the latest Bodyshop range - Moroccan Rose Fragrance Range: Eau de Toilette, Body Milk and Lipstick.

The perfume smell is quiet heavy imho.
But it smells good on her.
Especially for dinner =3.


Went to watch Equus last Friday.
It was good.
Very good.
I got goosebumps especially through out the end.
That kid (Ralph Lauren) was very talented!
So as Jasmine.
That perempuan is also multi talented.
You'll go far girl ;)

For Equus review, read Massy's post.

BB is off to Seremban for few days.. maybe a week to attend his granpa's funeral (my condolences to you sayang. Be well and hope to see you soon *miss u*).

In the mean time, i gotta finish my Silverhand baby a.s.a.p and be all merry jolly aft this.



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