Merdeka day for Caleb

The day has finally come and I gotta say that Caleb can finally shout 'Merdeka!'.

He's now out and on his way to mark his territory in the Life & Style world with Elson.

We've hanged around when he was single and searching.
We've hanged around when he was hitched.
We've hanged around when he was single again.
We've hanged around for works and vacations.
We've hanged around when he got married.
and now...
We're still gonna hang around even though he has quit! XD

You see... Saying goodbyes had never been my favourite.
But anyhow, 'scallop', you'll always be the sweetest boss we've ever had.
We're sure gonna miss your buddha smiley face a lot boss!

Thank you for being supportive.
Thank you for putting up with our mood and the constant whining
*that would be me..hehe*

Thank you for always belanja'ing' us most of the time.
Thank you for being a good listener when I need you.
and most importantly...

Thank you for the 3 awesome years!

yeah.... and 'thank you' for leaving the work behind T_T

"Apa macam!" <- Caleb's trademark line.

I'm sure gonna have a hell of an April Fool tomorrow.

Good Luck and I'll see you around boss!


Tooth ache! ><"

Tooth acheeeeee....~~~
TOOTH ACHE I tell youuuuuu T_T
I thought all four of my wisdom tooth is out but Nooooooo.
One just suddenly *poof* out of no where.

Now am talking shminglish =_=

Even swallowing my own saliva is making the tooth hitting the gum T-T

Anyway, despite being busy covering DBKK's Nusantara Heritage Exhibition, here's what happened last week:

Even tho it was a rush, I managed to support Mei's Earth Hour get together at Cube. Was thinking of having a candle light dinner with BB at Imperial (to support Dino in a way) but my schedule was VERY tight. Sorry Dinosour!

I thought I couldn't make it but I did.
Breeze 1st Anniversary was a blast.
Even it did not reached 200 people, yet it was great nonetheless.
Congrats to Jonathan!

Am loving the goodie bag coz one of the content is the 2 weeks trial at core fitness.
Since, I'm already a member, I gave the pass to BB instead.
In return BB gave me the Skin Nutrition sample product and.... a sanitary... pad.
*Yes.. I need that. A good one in fact hehe..*

*Jonathan signature grin =D*

*The celebrities.. Puke!*

After a busy 3 days of non stop event coverage for DBKK's batik exhibition in 1 Borneo, I finally get to work for the Fashion Show cum charity dinner which involves Krisdayanti as the invited artists ^__^ and one of the privilege working backstage is....

I get to meet Krisdayanti in person! Yeyyyy!!!

As you can see, without the wig and her full makeup on, Kris looks much more of an Arab lady compare to when she have a full make up on.

But whatever it is, I feel so privileged to finally meet her in person.
*hugs cici*

Sigh~~~ what a loooong tiring weekend.
But am happy, really ^^
Am off to Caleb's farewell dinner.

sometimes, ctrl+z doesn't work on real life. face it.

I know I should be sleeping.
and I know I shouldn’t be blogging considering I need my 7-8 hours of sleep, else I’ll be late to work.
Fyi, I am ALWAYS late.
Yaha. Like 1 hour late.
And now that they’ve given a general memo and ‘nice’ warning to everybody about attendance and total working hours a day, I + have GOT to + wake up EARLY = 6am.
*Never like that equation =_=*
Oh! And when i DO go to office REALLY early, they’ll be like “oh wowww~ so early??? Must have been because of the ‘love’ letter”.
*roll eyes*
Option one - Driving out to work early equals to freaking traffic jam, waste of my precious 45-50 minutes and fuel.
Option two - Driving out late equals to smooth journey, 15-20 minutes drive and save precious fuel.
Just look at the major differences!!! Pfft!

Anyhow, just got back from watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.
Totally recommended.
The original book was great **, but the movie is waaaaaay better and funnier than the book, I kid you not.
Even BB laughed his ass off.
So GO and watch the movie now.
Warning: You'll be tempted to do shopping. Which i did. few minutes ago. I ordered another 3 online items. ><"
Talent time is out too.
If time permits, I’ll go watch movie again tomorrow considering that I have events to cover in 1B too ^^

I twisted my right thigh 2 days ago on my way to the road of kurus-ness.
Walking around while covering the event is making my thigh hurting more especially going up and down the stairs.
Urgh.. I need to stop buying high heels and start investing on nice flat sandals.
I’m not sure about other people but I love high heels.
Coz of that + bad blood circulation + big bones following my mom side, my hip and calves are big.
and it got worse when I have PMS.
I hate PMS *nobody does, hello?*
Not only I’ll feel like a balloon pulled down by gravity, but my calves will also puffed up as if it is swollen.
Even people around you seems to choose to be insensitive.
*That is totally like offering a knife to be stabbed with*

Passed by one of my fav outlets this morning..
Something that I like had become zero value now.
Don’t like it anymore.
Oh well.
Maybe I’m just being unreasonably selfish for something which is reasonable enough to make me being unreasonably selfish, get it? *fyi, this has got nothing to do with PMS*
Am talking gibberish.
Better sleep now.

Happy Birthday Sayang!!!

So BB turned a big last monday .. *hehe*

"where do you want to go for your birthday?"
"Oh well.. just a quiet dinner between the two of us is enough to make me happy :)"
"Owhh......~~~ So what do you want for your birthday then?"
"Ermm... I don't know.. a new shirt maybe.. or.. jacket...or.. i dunno"

Being a typical smart ass, of course all of the wished item has been bought a month earlier before I even popped the question. *I know, my bf is so easy to read sometimes.. hehe.. XD*

So all is left to do is to gather his close friends for a surprise party.

Since his Bday falls on monday, I decided to make it a few hours earlier at Upperstar Damai... and So this is what happened:

LOL! He was s.h.o.c.k.e.d alright.

(Photo by: Chucky )

Oh~ *pats my own head* The plan went so smooth and clean hehehe.

I only wish I could turn back time and record the surprise and blur moment of BB... especially when the rest shouted SURPRIIIIIISEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *sniffs :( * But there were too many stuffs in my head that time =_= *baka baka baka!!!!! so unsatisfied =_=*

To be honest, I was pretty worried in the morning coz I had a bad dream the night before; and in that dream... the party went all wrong XD I was late, the guest waited about 2 hours and all just screwed up. But alhamdulillah, none of that happened and it was just perfect ^^ *except the recording part... grrrrrr*

A total of 35 turned up in the end (THANK YOU!!!) and without the help of close friends especially Massy, Robin, Dino & Mei, I wouldn't get the crowd and cakes in time. Again, thanks again you guys ^^

I was so busy entertaining friends that i forgot to take more pictures and left my food missing me couple of times. But I gotta tell you, the cake was awesome especially the chocolate cheese cake from CUBE restaurant. It's a bit pricey though but the taste will shoot you to heaven. Betuuuulll~ *omg.. am drooling....*

(adegan kejar-mengejar)

Another person who shares the same birthday with BB is Adrian.

He arrived late and had no ideas at all that we celebrated BB's birthday already. *To his knowledge, he only go there to celebrate BB's birthday.. not his*

So when the Upperstar staff brought in HIS cake, he was so happy and innocently thought that the cake was for BB. *siap bersemangat menyanyi lagi* Sekaliiii.... when the cake was put on HIS table.. in front of HIM.. his expression changed and was shocked DOUBLE TIME when he saw his name on the cake! Hahahahaha! Try and look at this video:

HAHAHAHA.. He cried owkayyyyy!!! HaHAHAHAHHAhahahaHAha! *High fives to Robin XD*

(the main culprit)

Omg.. the party was great and i know both of them had a wonderful birthday surprise.

Buuuttttt~ this is NOT the end of the surprises. Stay tune to BB's post on what happened next! Kuuuukukukukuku~~~~ *sniggers*

Happy Birthday Adrian!

(I love you!)

(Credits to Chucky for the last three awesome sweet photos! )


Counting days to insanity

It's 9 more working days till Caleb officially resign.
The bosses have put me in charge since, therefore I'm in some kind of a probation period before a promotion is made official.
*I do have to admit that I am a bit stress by it*
There are so many 'what ifs' in my head right now ><" and I DO know *owh yes I do* what's coming from EVERY single categories in this office.
The mood swing seasons of my colleagues.
The demands and expectation of the big bosses.
The difficulty from the finance department that's what had been rumoured to be the hell/heaven for everything...
So you see, Caleb is probably counting days to escape this prison as well.
Why am I doing this again?
Coz you have bills to pay bongok!
Owh.. yes.. yes.

I'm Indeed a lousy dork =_=

So I was changing to my gym attire as usual in the office store room.

Once done, AS USUAL, I make sure that nothing is left behind, pushed the lock button and went out happily.

"owh shit o_O"
"What?" Rina answered while the rest are so busy with their stuff
"I think I left the store key inside o_O"
"you Whatttttt???!!!!!"
"Bravo.. you break the record", Caleb butt in
"Oh my goodness", Serena added in
"Do we need to break the door down? How much will it cost? Will they cut it down from my salary? NOOOOOO T_T"
"Not much. RM300 only"
"WTF @_@"
"Hish. Dont listen to him. Only need to change the door knob"
"Darn you Caleb"

Luckily and HOPEFULLY the Human Resource Dept have a spare key; coz that's what Agnes texted me an hour ago. T_T

Rushed off to Dinosaur's house right after gym for his Bedroom Change video shoot project, and I was indeed... s.u.r.p.r.i.s.e.d by the transformation.

*ergh... I hate Kenji when it comes to night shot =_="*

Sadly I don't have the before renovation picture.
*You'd SHOCK to see, I kid you not*
Anyhow, just imagine a disaster looking room transformed into a zen and calm looking crib okay? and Oh! this is by far indeed the CLEANEST room in his house.

Salute to Robin by the way for his creative interior designing work, and I just love the selection of those lamps.

Here are some other shots I like...
*please excuse the quality T__T*

Hehe.. If I'm dorky, the other three are worse XD *except Robin probably*

But in honest truth, I love the transformation and I hope, if budget permits, he'd do the same to his living room *double disaster* and also HOPE he can maintain the cleanliness of his room even for 1 DAY! *squinting eyes at Dino*

I just HAD to do that XD

You can view what Dinosaur feels about it here.

Nite peeps!

it happened again o_O"

I was driving home at the Lintas road earlier and suddenly this small object appeared on the road from out of no where 0_o"
As I swerved and looked at it, it was a very little new born kitten with its eyes still close, sitting idle at the middle left lane @_@
A new born kitten in the middle of the road???
Man... how did it even get there??? *goosebumps*

The same situation deliberately reminded me of an experience back around 5 years ago when a VERY CUTE Persian grey kitten appeared out of no where, on the road, in front of our speeding car (just 8Okm/h okay~), on our way out for movie...
Or was it for dinner?
Lemme see...
Al was the one who's driving.
Rizz was at the passenger seat.
Mel and I was at the back.
I saw it. The rest didn't.
What I know is that I squealed in panic when I saw the kitten, which made Al to slow down so suddenly... and I kid you not, instead of having a surprise face, the kitten actually made a sleepy expression coz of our front lights *imagine a cute sleepy wake up face in the morning* and as if it knew it was about to get hit coz it closed its eyes after that @_@
But of course, if it WAS a real kitten, it will only pass under our car and probably get hit by the cars behind us.
And this is happening in split second.
Mel and I turned back to see, but na-da.
No kitten.
Even those cars behind us didn't seem to dodge anything.
@_@ Weird.

The only thing I can recall after that is that I fall sick for days the next day PLUS wisdom tooth pain.
A total COMBO, bravo

Don't you think weekend passes by SO fast? =_=

Just had my first mini Bon Odori yesterday at UMS and their Japanese Cultural Night was quiet an experience regardless of the drizzling rain.

BB was actually one of the person who incharged of assisting the UMS student to bring in hobby related booths to this event; so in the morning, we (including Serena) went to UMS to see them setting things up.

On top of all the participating booths, I'd have to say that the Japanese Cup Cakes booth caught my eyes first XD

Just look at them ^^
It was so colourful and these cupcakes only costs RM1 !!!!
Ain't it cheap or what?! XD

Anyway, we didn't stay long coz we had to rush to Sabah Trade Centre for the IPEX Edible Architecture.
But as I said in my prev post, the Edible Architecture only opened to public at 4pm, and at 4pm ALSO, BB and I had to rush to CUBE restaurant in Citymall for the Midas Touch motivational talk organised by Mei Wong (owner of CUBE).

Unlike other motivational talk that I went to before, the ice breaking session for this one was hilarious. Instead of typically going around and introduce yourself to people, we had to paste a white paper onto our back and let other people write down what they think of us on their first impression. And this is what I got:

See the one in circle?
Yeah... It was written by this evil 'tinggi tinggi tagap tagap' rascal who cant stop poking me from behind *kicks* XD

Oh. This tall rascal is Sam btw.
You can find him in CORE Fitness.
*kof *kof

Aaaaanyhow, back to Midas Touch, aside from all those motivational and inspiring notes, one thing that I learned from this talk is to never judge a book by its cover.
Fyi, my close friends mostly know that I am a bit picky when it comes to people who failed to give me a good first impression.
It's hard for me to trust/open up to them (yeah, like anyone of us, i too have a trust issue sometimes) and I'll try to stay away from them.
But Midas Touch really sorta change my view on these things.

Behind every person, there is a story to tell; and it will take some time for you to get to know them and to really understand them as a person.
Although I've always reminded myself of this, bad experiences and disappointment I felt before (especially due to putting my trust/expectation too much on friends and love ones) have sorta put a shield around me, hence, I can pretty much become a judgmental person. *aren't we all? :)*

Moral of the story? Whether or not you decide to trust one person again is entirely depending on situation, really.
Coz there ARE baaaaaad people out there that you must be careful with.
They can be such a liar, opportunist and eat you alive! *gulp*

But anyhow, am gonna stand up straight and give my salutation to Mei for making this happen. Her story too moved my heart and changed my perception of her completely.
I would never had known.

As soon as Midas Touch ended, BB and I rushed to pick up Serena and went back to UMS for the Bon Odori.

During the UMS Japanese Cultural Night, there were lots of activities happening such as the singing and martial art performances, dance performances (by Ike-Ike dancer, Soran Para-Para and Cosplay dance by Rina, Chiaki, Sakuya, Cubex and Irene), games and last but not least, the Bon Odori dance XD

"I got it! I got itttttt!!! XD" <- Me jumping excitedly
"Great. Now I'll give you your prize"
says the girl in charged
"Yey! Gimme my present XD"
"Err.. okok.. but please put the fish back first"
*I swear if the fish could talk, it'll curse me for making it suffocated for air*
"Hehe... XD"

That's right... Woot! Woot!
If only I can experience this in Japan but oh well,
let's just pray that I can fly there soon ^^
*looks at savings*




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