Escape to Bali - part 2 (Honnneeeeyyyysss~~~~ I'm Hommmmmeeee~~~)

Gosh! The last 2 days of my Bali trip is really giving me a freaking backache man… I should’ve gone for their body massage while I was there =_=”

Aight as usual… grab yourself a cup of Hot chocolate and this time, get those vanilla ice cream and donuts with you as well coz this post will take longer time for the picture to load fully =P


If there’s one thing I learned from this trip is that shopping is indeed a part of heaven and hell’s creation at the same time.

Shopping in Bali will make you feel like a celebrity. People will be nice to you, praise you anywhere and anyways possible, offer you with nice things and you’ll be spoiled with so many choices.

Ok... this is not what I shopped... really... It's just look cute XD

But just like a celebrity, you’ll bound to meet crazy fans / paparazzi who will and never stop laying their hands on you. In our case, we were swarmed left and right, front and back by all the street vendors who force you to buy their junks.

So for those of you who never bargained before, here are a few tips for you to apply in Bali Art Market.

E.g Let say you found a beautiful dress that cost about Rp80,000 (RM30)

Start by looking around like a blur person.

“Iyaaaa…. Mbak (sister)… banyak baju cantik mbak… mari masuk dulu..”
the Street vendor will start to approach you.
“Saya lihat-lihat saja dulu ya…”
“ Nggak apa… Mbak mahu yang mana?”
“Yang ini berapa… Tanya aja ya.. nggak perlu ambil”

*they WILL still however take it for you*

“ Nggak apa… pegang aja.. ini RP80,000”

*put on a surprise face if you want*

“ RP80,000???? Kok mahal ya…”
“ Murah-murah aja mbak… bisa kurang… berapa mahu tawar”

*here.. apply the 1/3 and ¼ counter offer rule from the original price offered*

“ RP30,000 aja laaaa~” *put on a pitiful face*
“ Nggak bisa mbak… terlalu murah itu… RP60,000 la ya?”
“ Nggak mau dong… RP30,000 la…” (RM10)
“ Nggak boleh mbak… tiada jualan hari ini *this is SO* not true*
"boleh lah ya… saya kurangkan RP50,00 la… iya? Iya?”

“ Kok gitu… Nggak mau lah….”
“ RP35,00 lah… tambah RP5000 aja.. mbak happy.. saya happy.. morning glory everybody happy”
“ ………”

*If you’re a nice person, accept it.. else, just saya “Kok gitu.. nggak apa lah..” He/She WILL* eventually chase/grab you and agree to give you at a cheap price (evil kan?) and that’s what I did. Buahahahahaha!!!! XD *

We were also lucky to be in Bali during their Hari Raya Gulungan and Kuningan (will blog about this in my next post). During this special event, the citizens of Bali will visit their temple to pray (90% of the Balinese followers are Hindus)

Tho we did get tired from all the temple visits, we still appreciate their architecture nonetheless. What more when it is located near the beach area (Tanah Lot – near the extinct volcanic Mountain) and near the art market e.g. Tampak Siring.

During our visit to Tanah Lot, I encountered a ‘flasher’ batman…

Now you see…

Now you don’t…


If Uluwati temple is filled with a group of monkeys (view ‘Escape to Bali – part 1'), Tampak Siring temple on the other hand is famous for their holy water fish.

They also have ducks with jambul on their head. LOL!

Beaches in Bali on the other hand are awesome. Not only do they have restaurants at almost all of the beach coastal area (Jimbaran – view ‘Escape to Bali’ part 1), they also have a mall called Discovery Shopping mall located right in front of the Kuta Beach.

Wouldn’t it be great if our CityMall is placed just in front of our Tanjung Are beach? With all the surfer exterior design, it’d be splendid I tell you XD..

If you’re a person who fancy beach and doing shopping at the same time, you might want to consider staying in Hotel Paradiso Bali which is located in Kuta.

Kuta area is basically situated in the heart of the city where beach, shopping mall (mini Bukit Bintang of KL) and art market are located very near to each other. But of course, you might have to pay slightly more for the hotel ;)

Oh! One thing that I learned from there is that riding a bike wearing a traditional kebaya for the ladies is not a problem;

…riding a bike with 3-4 passengers without a helmet on is also not a problem;

for the passenger who ride on a bike and sitting sideways with no helmet or wearing a skirt/kebaya lagi no problem!!!! *Gila rock diorang ni* LOL XD XD XD.

When taking a public transportation or simply walking in Bali, don’t be surprise with all the honking every minute and every second. It’s just their style of being careful and cautious. If you want to see rempit scene, go to Jakarta. Your jantung can terkeluar and it’s worse than KL (so I heard).

*keep on reading.. I just noticed this blog have this sorta post limitation on a blog post. So I HAD to seperate it into two*


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