Escape to Bali - part 2 (Honnneeeeyyyysss~~~~ I'm Hommmmmeeee~~~) - continued

Just like the French people (I presume), the Balinese people also appreciate nude and the art of Kamasutra *Don’t tell me you that you don’t know what it is*. They have it in painting, sculture, carvings, shirts and many more.

But the most outstanding body parts of all would be… Of course… the ‘lolok’ a.k.a the d!ck.

You’ll see this just about anywhere!!! Especially in souvenir shops. There’s the keychain, the mini statue, handphone strap, ash tray, enterior deco and etc. Different texture pulak tu! Ada bunga-bunga~~~ ada kayu~~~ ada batu~~~ ada polka dot (look sick man) aaaa…tapi… texture bulu-bulu nggak ada la…. ~ XD XD XD *Kok bapa suka ya?~* HAHAHAHHAHA XD

The food there anyhow is mostly influence by the Chinese and Indian delicacy. But when you’re in Bali (or any parts of Indonesia indeed), of course, Nasi Padang is highly recommended to try.

My parents are crazy about it… I don’t. XD Coz honestly to me, Nasi Padang is just about a selected food being served in small portion in many plates and arranged generously on your table (table = padang). *Mama masak lagi sedang banget dong!*

Tho Nasi Padang is famous among the tourist, never ever forget that our very own Teh Tarik is also famous among the Indonesians ;)

Oh! Oh! As expected when you dine in Bali, most of their restaurant design will have a Balinese concept too! But since my dad is cuter than a teddy bear, sitting cross leg will always give him a headache.

When I was busy whining for Starbucks, our tour guide, Pak Rizal brought us to a coffee place + factory called Domba.

I love their simple concept and you’ll also get to see tons of visitor’s signature pasted on the wall as their wallpaper just like in some other countries I saw once in Astro - Travel and Living channel

Although I was told that the female coffee (flat coffee bean surface) has only 1% of caffeine compared to the male coffee (round coffee bean - 3% caffeine), after 3 weeks of no caffeine during my detox diet, a small cup of this coffee had given me a hyper and sleepless night o_O”

But sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap XD XD XD
*after I mixed it with coffee mate of course*

I’m sure some of you might already know this… but anyway… here’s a tip for all the coffee lovers out there…

If you don’t want your coffee to lose their ‘kick’ taste after adding those ice cubes, exchange the ice cubes to coffee ice cubes instead (coffee drink which had been frozen into ice cubes). It’ll preserve the taste definitely ;)

If you’re a fan of silver and gold, Bali also has one stretch of road called Celuk Road, which is the home of Silver, Gold and Artisans. You’ll find a variety of intricate design pieces there offered in dollars, while others will sell it in Rupiah. Some you can bargain and some are fixed price.

Paintings on the other hand are quite pricey. But if you’re only looking for a beautiful picture instead of gila-gila appreciating the art, go to Art Market instead ;)

*While waiting for my parents to scout for some paintings, I played around with ‘si putih’ outside the gallery ^^*

Last but not least (and note to self), if you never been to Bali, do consider staying there for at least 1 week. Spend 3 days for tour and sight seeing and the rest for ultimate shopping, relax and unwind.

Get yourself a Balinese massage (it only cost RM30 after converting to our money) and do put at least RM350 – RM500 for shopping (RM250 for Art Market and the rest for fixed price item in the shopping mall). If you spend more than RM250 for Art Market shopping… tsk tsk tsk… you’ll definitely need to improve you’re bargaining skill ;)

In my next post, Escape to Bali – part 3, I’ll be sharing with you some photos from my trip to see the Barong and Kris dance and a bit on their Hari Raya Gulungan and Kuningan.

Till then, Oyasuminasai~~~~


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