New York New Yooooork~~~ (Part 2)

Last Thursday night, Julian, WC, Jacq and I went to Newyork Newyork (NYNY) before heading off to @bar for the China Champ fashion show.

Since Dino Dinosaur went to KL in such a short notice, all of us decided to push our order for the Giant Yankee burger to another date.

*I saw the burger! The table behind us ordered it and it was Huge!*

It’s 8 inch wide, 4 inch high, cut into four and it’ll cost you RM33.50. So do the maths ;)

While waiting for Jacq and WC, Julian and I ordered some drinks, Bruschetta, Irish Lamb Steak, and Salmon.

So here’s our review for the food:

  • Bruschetta (RM6.90)

When I ordered this, I imagined it would be something more or less like what I ate in Kuching at Junk Restaurant. Sadly, it’s only, two burger bread and chunks of tomato on top. =_=.

But yeah…

It’s Diet Friendly.

So.. whatever…

  • Irish Lamb Steak (RM19.90)

Awww.. look at that… it seems big.

NOTTT!!!! It’s CIPUT!!! So small!

Even Julian’s hand is bigger than the steak. *growl*

If you feel like eating lamb steak/lamb chop… head off to Kedai Kopi Hilltop located in Lintas. They serve big portion dish with a cheaper price!

  • Sinful Chocolate Velvet…. Err.. something… (RM8.90 *if am not mistaken*)

It was labeled as 'Super Sinful' buuuuuuttt..... well... It was... owkay~ I know Julian is enjoying the top part. *kyaaaa XD tempting!!!*

  • Salmon Steak (RM24+)

This is what I had for dinner.

Below the Salmon steak is mash potato with tomato gravy.

With the size of any Salmon dish like this… I think it’s quiet filling enough for me.
But I’ve tasted better… of course.

  • Lemonade (RM5.90)

I like this. And it’s Diet Friendly. Hoho!

Jacq and WC ordered chicken boxing and Char-grilled Lamb??? (Eh! Jacq! Betul kah?!) Rib Steak (*Edited - Thanks Jacq!)

But according to WC and Jacq… it’s quite… dry…

Anyhow, when you go to NYNY, you will notice these sign in their menu
(view NYNY part 1 post):

Diet Friendly: It helps those who’s on diet. *duh.. obviously*
Super Sinful: It means… it tastes creamy.. chocolaty… heavenly sinful… But not all are that delicious tho
Da Bomb: It means… DA BOMB!!!!!
Gotta have it: Meals that are recommended by them.. BUT* you’ll be the judge

Aih!! Sedeeeeyyy~~~

I’ll going there again after 15th Aug (end of Detox) to eat the
Giant Yankee Burger
and also to savour their dessert.

They better taste good!


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