Hair colour box says wait for 40 minutes...

*Sets time*
40 minutes and counting…
*tapping fingers*


I just got back from town and boy, it was a hectic day.
I’ve done all…ermm.. well.. SOME last minute preparation for Hari Raya tomorrow.
BB accompanied me from morning till late night *so happy*, fasting together for the last day of Ramadhan this year, and also did some shopping for himself.

My phone inbox is filled with mass Hari Raya wishes *thanks a lot darlings*
Aleen called from KL, Al Onnichan is coming down to KK and Massy and few others invited me to their open house too! ^^.

Talking about open house, my usual first day of Raya will be packed with my parents program ONLY.
Even so, I vowed to myself to save as much space in my tummy for my grandma’s cooking at the end of the day.
*Ayam Masak German… nyum~~~~ can’t wait XD*
Oh! and my tomorrow's evil plan is to act young to get more Duit Raya



To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, I'd like to wish...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

I know I am hantu sometimes hihihihi… so gomen nasaiiiii XD
Now take this ketupat and play far.. far…

The 2Rs Birthday! XD

Am updating Rina & Robin’s bday entry right now =_=”
Continue reading tomorrow.
Man… my feet hurts..


SEPTEMBER is whole bunch of Birthdays!

Today is Rina and Robin's day!

Happy Birthday you two.

I tricked Rina that I was gonna take her out for dinner at 7pm.
I tricked Robin saying that I booked Newyork Newyork for dinner at 7pm too ^^
Little that they know it was a combine birthday with LOTS and LOTSA people!
From 12 confirmed, to 29, to 40 to 55

And I know massy turned weng-weng @_@ with the flowing numbers.
Thanks Massy for being the treasurer *hugs*
(Newyork Newyork sure kaya kan last night? ^^)

Dino, Marissa and I kept telepathically (haha!) read each other's mind and signaling/cuing the NYNY peeps to serve the cake.
While waiting for them to light up the candles, this is what I took in the kitchen...

On cue, I announced and we all started to sing the birthday song.
Rina and Robin stood malu-malu kucing. Hahaha!
Each one of them received a big American Chocolate Brownie Cake and shared the Giant NYNY Yankee Chicken Burger.

I know... the burger looked small..
And that's why I decided to put this up as well XD

*Dasaru's adventure*

Now you know it's besar kan? XD

Rina had fallen in love with Wall.E and Eve ever since the trailer was aired last year.
She had been eying for the plushies since then, the bigger the better, (tamak kan? XD) and due to budget constrain, she can only afford the cheap ones. Sedey~

*Plushies in the office*

When asked why didn't she go for the big Wall.E plush first, this is what she responded:

So on her birthday this year, this* is what she received..

Not only Wall.E.... (a present from fellow CSP)

But also Eve! (A present from Irene, Rina's sister)

Ceh! Happy lah tu...

She also received a cute present from little Hannah :)

Robin on the other hand received a Adidas man product from his friends.
I didn't get to take a photo of the present but I hope you like the birthday surprise we installed for you ne? ^^

After all that settled, I finally sat down and eat.
But with all the non stop hopping here and there, I felt full and only eat my share of the burger (patty only) for my buka puasa.

Great... I ignored the cake as well and now am punching myself with regrets.

Aaaaanyway..... as usual, GROUP PHOTOS! ^^

*this is ONLY a few*

Oh!... A LOT of ppl had been asking me “where's Julian?/ where's sotong?”
Sigh~ BB couldn't joined the party coz apparently his grandma's birthday was on the same day as well.
It was a last minute call... so yeah... (down~)

I tapau-ed him a portion of the NYNY burger instead

After the dinner, Robin and the gang went to play pool and the rest of the CSPians and I went to the arcade for some games.

*In the lift*

*Pricilla and Ki-chan*


*Dasaru & Marissa*

*Hannah and Me*

As energetic as always, Hannah dragged me to play some games with her and that includes... the ride =_=”

“Ergh.. how do I buckle up this thing”, I asked the jaga man
“Aihs.. orang tua tak perlu main lah”, wtf. This was what he replied me.
“PKM! Shut up you!”
“Ni mesti driving tidak pakai seat belt kah”
“Memandai saja. Do your job. Buckle me up”

Bangang nak mampus

Tendang anu kau, mandul terus.

Yeah... as you can see.. my soul is almost coming out from my body.
While I was screaming my lungs out, Hannah was laughing and say “Best kan?!!! BEST KAN???!!!!”
=_=” Hannaaaaaah.......

Aside from the Genting theme park, it has been years since I last play those fun rides and roller coasters =_=”

“Is she your sister?”, Pricilla asked me
“No.... *deep breathe in* I'm a FOC babysitter...”

Being in the arcade, of course I wouldn't miss playing the Japanese drum game.

Seeing me play, Hannah also dragged me to play the drum game with her.
Hohohoho... the gewd news is... I'm good at that.
The bad news is, she blindly picked level 9 song without even choosing o_O”

“Oh no! Ok Hannah! Beat that! Follow the beat!”, I said
*Hannah concentrating*
Ok.. ok.. good!.. sikit lagi”
“Ouch... my tangan hurt already”
“Almost there Hannah... the song almost finish”
“Aih~ penat... bye~”
@_@~!!! What!!! Hannaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!
Don't leave me alone!!! This is cooperative mode!!!!”

*Hannah happily skips away*

Finally, Dino had to save me =_=”

Which in the end, he is now officially addicted to the game.

PS: Once again, a big hugs and thanks to Marissa, Dino and Massy for helping me organising the party; and of course, to ALL CSPian for contributing and making it a success. Now let's go to the candy mountain. Wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Get Birthday photos here *clicks*


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