Channel V goonies meet the Sabahan troops XD

“Hey.. I’m in KK :), said TL in his SMS few days ago.
“XD Whaaat??? On V’s assignment??”
“Yup.. will be here for about a week”
“Wow.. okay XD buzz me when you’re free”
“Ok… :)
Hey, take us to dinner tomorrow night. I want to try some authentic Sabahan food”
“o_O… ‘us’??

Well… TL’s visit to KK is indeed a surprise.. and to tell you the truth… it IS* a short notice *kicks TL* ><”

To be honest, I cannot be calling myself a proud Sabahan coz I don’t* even know what is authentic and what is not anymore. LOL XD

…..Tuaran mee…..?

Nono…No way… =_=” Am not buying that…

….Hinava….. ?

errmm… maybe next time…


Fyi, I did think of Seafood… Salut seafood restaurant to be precise… but the thing is… I only have Piper, my sweet little kancil;

*And to think of driving 5 people in a small car is not gonna be comfortable at all*

So on their second day here in KK, I bought Roti Kahwin from Fook Yuen first for them to try and have it as a snack *they LOVE the Roti Kawin by the way… gagagagagaga XD*, told them to go and have fun in Rumba, Bed and Shens *luckily TL and Alvey scored some hot chicks at Bed and the girls took them to Razz ma Tazz* and few other tips on closest places to eat.

After they got back from their video shoot assignment at Semporna Island (in Tawau) last Saturday, Julian, Dino and I brought them to Salut Seafood Restaurant! XD

*yes... I manage to get help from Dino Dinosaur*
Thanks a lot DINO!!!!! T-T Jasa mu dikenang…
I promise I won’t kick you for a day XD

...and the best part of the Seafood outing is…

TL belanja!!!

For that, I don’t mind you calling me ‘mostiko’. LOL!

The name ‘mostiko’ has its own history by the way.. and you* DON’T NEED TO KNOW. *warning Dino and Julian in advance*

Many those who somehow heard that Alvey is in town thought he was… urmmm… gay.

NO guys… HE IS NOT ><” *sheeesh*

But Dino, Julian, TL, Samirah and I know that Alvey is sweet, super fun, likes to play Dota, looooves tight pants XD and dot.. dot.. dot.. XD XD XD LOL!

Whatever it is... these goonies are going back to KL/HK tomorrow morning

*initially I thought it was 10pm flight* T-T (why laaa TL you come at wrong timing one… )

Anyhow, I hope you guys had fun here in KK and be seeing you again!!! ^^

PS: To all my muslim brothers and sisters… HAPPY PUASA AND HAPPY SUNGKAI XD

Barney Panda

Ergh… I think I’m catching a flu =_=” *sniiiiifffff*sniff*….
Went to 1 Borneo this afternoon for the Adidas Sports Performance and Heritage Concept Store launching.
Heh =P *never thought that the goodie bag might be that cool ^^*
I know BB is very happy to be receiving a Adidas shirt, sports thumb drive and few other little Adidas stuff. *Me too! XD *

*don’t you just love being a media~* … HOHOHOHOHO!

I WAS SO HAPPY to be meeting NAZ again. And Daphne Iking, my seniour back in convent school is still indeed a one HOT nerd. (Hey… I didn’t simply label her a nerd Okay~ she told me she’s meeting up with her nerd group after the launching XD)

Yolanda told me a story about her experience teaching some foreign students on how to speak English. The story just blew me away I just* gotta tell you in person.

Oh yeah… See the maroon outfit I wore?

Being a pelupa person… *bless you I didn’t label you as nyanyuk yet buddy >=(* BB asked me the same question AGAIN similar to what he asked the first time he saw me wearing it.

“Baju baru?”, he asked
“tsk tsk tsk.. bad memory B… baaaad memory….”, I replied
“Wellllll~~~.. Sorrrrrry.. it’s not that I get to see you everyday in a barney suit”

Then he started singing… =_=”

“I love u.. u love me.. we are happy family...”
*………… HMP!!!!”

So I ignored him and went to the washroom…
But he just wouldn’t give it a rest =_=”

*got out from the washroom*

“Hi Kids... I'm Barney… Look at me! XD”, while doing the stupid and retarded Barney action
“...........” *ignoring*

“I love you~ You love me~~”

“We are happy family…. *continues*”

“(???) Eh... NOOO!!!!! NOOOO!!!!

And for that.. he got bruises all over his man boobs…


Vengeance is sweet…

I am so satisfied…

Oh! I also went to the Malam Kebudayaan Indonesia Sabah 2008 last night with my parents and Yuni Shara was there XD I never knew that she was Krisdayanti’s big sis.

She looks sooooo beautiful. Both of the siblings are gorgeous actually, but I gotta say I love seeing Yuni more. Despite being a mother of two, with that slim figure, no one can tell XD

All pictures from the Malam Kebudayaan Indonesia - Sabah '08 are courtesy of my friend Richard Chin.

Thanks dude.

*fyi, I forgot to charge my camera and it died after the fashion show =_=” ..

Fine~~~ lesson learned…. XD


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