Lepas 'gian'

Just finished my exercise, ‘healthy dinner’ and a light suka-hati magazine design.

Sigh~ Melepaskan gian mode
*what the heck is ‘gian’ in English anyway’

Fyi, the model is a friend of mine, the cute Cheryl or better known as Ki-Chan.
I took this photo when I attended Joj & Nana’s Bridal shop opening more than a month ago (sorry nana… late post) and was drooled by the sight of all the wedding gowns collection. Click to view their blog.


I’m reaching a quarter decade of my life and can’t help thinking about:

  • My Dreams
  • My Career
  • My Future
  • My Life
  • oh…. And of course… My Finances… Heh :P

Yes… Yes.. I know what you wanted to say…
It is a phase in life that I have to go through and success is all about the right attitude, timing, effort and a bit of luck.
Nonetheless, the questions on ‘what IF(s)’ or ‘I could’ve done better/otherwise’ will never stop haunting and *scratch head vigorously* THIS is what happened when I’m SO BORED.

*thinks about assignments and deadlines at office*



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