Can I just leave this blank?

Cousin Hanis, Hajar and Raihan are in town till Saturday.
While waiting for Cici & Nadia, the trios and I hang out at Olde Station Warisan Square chit chatting about our latest activities.

It was good initially till they start talking about some concert in KL.

I was tad flabbergasted.

“Weh, ko nak gi Euro Indie kat Cyberjaya tak?” - Hajar
“Hui… pehal lak aku tanak gi. Mestilah nak!
Ko memang cakap kat orang yang betul la weh”
- Hanis

*sitting and listening*

“*Pot Pet Pot Pet Pot Pet…..*
Hahahaha… aku macam tolong lah weh..
“*Pot Pet Pot Pet Pot Pet…..*”
“Biar benar ko ni”

*continue listening… look left…. Look right*

“Weh.. kita ajak Al nak? Reramai lah rock.
“*Pot Pet Pot Pet Pot Pet…..*”

“Hah! Ajaklah..."
*Pot Pet Pot Pet Pot Pet…..*”

Is it just me or am I evolving into a typical adult woman?

So I tried to butt in by responding to the topic but went speechless right after.

They talked so fast and thank dear god… I am not* outdated to most of the topic.

Consistently being on the field covering events and working in an IT and Multimedia Company, I’m fully equipped with the ‘it’ trend and knowledge these kids are so fascinated with.

It also got me thinking that these 3 lovely girls once talked to each other,

“aaa… Hajar… Hajar nak pergi tak *bla-bla-bla* Boleh pergi sesamer ^_^ ”

“Kakak (Hanis), kakak cubalah makan ni. Sedap juga bah tu :) ”

They sounded so sweet they could melt your heart out.


“Ak-Ela… Bangang gila… ko biar betul"
*Pot Pet Pot Pet Pot Pet…..*”


ROFL!!! I laughed my heart out few times listening to their picked up accent and bubbly personality.

It was very entertaining seeing them venturing into their college years, living life to the fullest, venturing love and new relationships and what most of them like most: away from nagging parents.

It happened to me before so I kinda understand how it feels like.

But on a side note, I don’t miss the exams and being broke while studying.

Hoho! I LOVE my job now!

All the best, girls!


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