Love Me. Pfft. So Dodgy.

Shaz called up all casts for his premier show of “Where’s my water”
I laughed my heart out, seriously.
The show is not up in youtube yet.
But you can watch the bloopers.
For a small scene, I sucked big time =_=

'Where's my water' - Part 1
'Where's my water' - Part 2

Watched Kung Fu Panda again with my family.
'Po' sure does look like Papa.
Must find vcd for him to watch.

Nadia got me addicted with this flash game.
It’s called Love Me *click to play*

So this is how it works.

All you gotta do is set your target on the high school boys, melt their heart out using your death glare *Do this by holding on to the computer mouse* and collect their fallen heart to gain a point.

As any high school takes place, you will also encounter rivals.
In this game, you'll find them in purplish dull colour.
*they are infact very dull in reality*
When this happen, you compete!
*hold on to the mouse and click several times to counter attack*

To get higher points, find cute boys.
You can find them in second floor, the one wearing white coat.
Or third floor, with orange head.

But bare in mind, you still need the bimbo ones tho ;)
To fight other girls (your rival) you must have at least five hearts (your points);
and bimbos are the easiest target to earn fast points.
*ching! Ring a bell?*

Try not to touch the school teacher; else you’ll lose a point.

Call this game silly, but I know you girls would've
been damn proud if you have her ability.
*don't lie* Haha!

Rina posted up her Slapstick blog in GoShop.
The best post of her by far.
I Love it!
Great job girl!

Click here! Click here!


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