Doodly Da! Fara Panda.

Mama is cooking Ikan masak asam.
Booooo* tempting.
I just finished my workout daaa… =_=
*rolls on the floor and cry... get up.. watch Muallaf trailer"

Muallaf (The convert) is Yasmin Ahmad's fifth film.
Uuuuu... can't wait.
But the new chinese guy was quiet stiff in this film *oh well~*

Muallaf is about two Muslim girls who run away from an abusive father, and later befriend a Catholic schoolteacher. It’s a tale of hope, love and forgiveness as the characters face the ghosts of their past.The film will open in Singapore probably in March next year.

How about Malaysia????

Anyhow, am not gonna update about 1 Borneo soft launching.
You’ll find it in GoShop soon.
*Owh!!! something new is gonna happen too*
So stay tuned!

When you're @1 Borneo, go to Manhattan Fish Market,
and get the ‘Grilled Catch of the Day’.
Don’t bother to ask what the catch of the day is.
It has always been the Dori fish for few years.
Never changed.
Trust me.

Oh! Asked the waiter for extra-extra garlic butter sauce.
That is my ultimate recommendation.
Plus, do not... I say DO NOT try the Chocolate Mud Pie.
It’s as hard as brick.

has moved back from KL to work as PR in 1 Borneo.
He promised to give me a balloon ride next week. Wheeee~
Iskandar invited me to the SenQ opening in 1 Borneo as well.
Had to turn down his invitation due to hectic schedule.
Sorry Isk…

Right after my exam this morning, Izwan gave me a prank call.

“Hello, Miss Fara”
“I’m calling from RHB Bank”

“There has been an outstanding balance in your credit card which has not been settled”
*think hard*
"No I don’t”
“You have not settled your outstanding balance at a total of RM5000”

*You sure know how to play prank or not?*

I’ve kena’ed’ before by Syafiz last year.
At that time I did owe the bank a lot. Tralalala~
So I’m basically immune to that kinda prank. Hohohoho.

BB said my too often pinching on his boobs have left a bruise mark.

*tu la.. who ask you to annoy me non stop*
He also brought me to watch Kung Fu Panda. Yey!

Kung Fu Panda was AWESOME.
The storyline was great. The animation was great.
The script was stupefying great!

*adrenaline rush alert*

“There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness” - Po

LOL! I just couldn’t stop laughing throughout the show.

Oh… and the irony was…
I was wearing black shirt and white pants...
Unintentionally owkay...

So find the similarity.


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