Exam? What's that?

Sorryyyyy…sorryyy for the late update ><”
I’ve been very2 busy.
Getting up early (but still arrive late hohohohohoho)
And back home just to jump on my bed and sleep.
*must not make it into habit*
2 more weeks then I'll be less busy and fly for a vacation.

One borneo launching was rawking good.
Nine West was there. SUB. MAC Makeup. Axxezz. Manhattan Fish Market. Sushi King. (YEY!!!)
But something “puhima’” happened while I was recording the Hong Kong stars.
The vcam masa tu laaaa wanted to clean the tape.
I got it fixed (so I thought) and continued running around recording the show just to find out those that I recorded are not recorded!
Worst, I got a bad back ache after the 1 day non stop work.
Bloody hell man I tell you

I’m also busy studying (rajin lah sangat =_=” ) for the government exam.
Exam???? What exam?
My parents had been advising and I* had been trying to drag my heavy ass to apply and sit for the exam.
Out of the blue, I got the letter last week.
So i thought, heck, just go for it.

It’s weird to sit for an exam again after school days and uni days.
The objective questions were pretty hard *dang*
The karangan was ok.. I can kelentong a bit.
The translating test i.e. BM-BI-BM was pretty much a rush.
So no high hopes. Lalala.

OK… Gtg!
Second exam waiting.
Will update soonest.
But you can check my recent post in GoShop Lifestyle blog.
OKok… I chao first. Daaaaa~


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