You Know?

You know… we need to take this.. you know… put it into action.. you know.. like having all the you know… members and creating you know.. the awareness and so with you know.. This ideas and contributions can be implemented in you know…

O……… M………G……

Berapa kali daa mau cakap you know you know you know

For the past 3 hours from this particular meeting I attended to, the boss just cant stop saying you know you know you know and I’ve counted it more than 100 you knows, YOU KNOWWWWW??????


Had a family dinner at The Hut in Damai.
Crab corn soup – thick texture & lotsa crab... That’s MY requirement.
The Hut @ Damai is still the best compared to the other 2 branches.
The one in Jalan Gaya…errmm…so so
In Citymall…gosh… pelik man. Why?

After the opening 2 weeks ago, as usual, I ordered my Crab corn soup.
Garlic bread/bun supposedly comes together with the soup.
But, they forgot …. which at first, I didn’t mind…
So I asked for it.
Instead of doing it all in the kitchen, the silly waiter took the cutting board, the knife and the long hard bread to cut it on the table BESIDE my table.

Budus kan?

He only took it to the kitchen when he got *the look*.


Have some common sense la… YOU KNOW???


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