Hola June!

I’m updating all that I can, as briefed as I can.

Too many events happened and too many events coming up.

To be honest, this kind of eventful life is much better than doing nothing at all.

Sitting around idle makes me feel horrible.
Sitting around makes me question about my career.
Sitting around makes me rant about my purpose in life.

Sitting around m…. Okay... I’m straying.



I covered the Unduk Ngadau events.

Musical Performance by the Neneks

Ethnic Food for sale

*Fry *Fry *Fry

It does look like wrapped pulut hitam

Caricature moments

Awww... poor kids. Kena kerja kau nong?

*Scribbles... *Scribbles

An uncle from Kelantan showcasing the Gasing Uri (?)

Gasing show

I didn't know we have our own status XD

Then and present winner

Macam kena photoshop. Copy Paste. LOL!

Pak Lah tasting out the food

Uiseh XD Rabu-Rabu~

PM & Wife

Cultural Performances

Walter & Julian

You can check out GoShop! LifeBuzz for more photos and updates.

Oh! And you know what?

was asked by our PM to take photos of the little Kadazan kids.

Despite the rush and the lembab’ness’ of my digicam, I still managed to snap a few ^^


After the Unduk Ngadau, I ran off to RTM for an hour of DJing and headed straight to Shens to cover DJ Meg.


Hyatt has also changed its Shenanigan’s band to the brand new Live8 group.


I also went to DBKK City Hall for the 5th Malaysia National Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally 2008 and witnessed about 90 Haley Davidson’s motorbikes displayed at in front of KK City Hall building with its more or less 130 Harley Davidson Bikers mainly from Malaysia and various countries worldwide including Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, France, Thailand, Australia, USA and many others.

Harley Davidson Group

Bumblebee bike XD

Julian's Mama Jagu impersonator hohohohoho XD

Group Pics


Jangan jealous mama jagu XD

Cici was also the MC for the day.

MC of the day

Again, for more info and cool photos, check out LifeBuzz in GoShop’s website.

Fyi, Julian and I had actually noticed the Harley bikers parked at Warisan Square while they were having a drink at Starbucks the day before. It was funny to see people suddenly approach the bike take pictures and pretending that it was their bike.

‘so what were you guys doing actually’?

Ehehehehee….. tempting bah… hohohoho

Sugoi XD

Harley Davidson

Satria Baja Oren's bike

1 Borneo is also open to the public, and despite its size and awesome soon-to-be opened shop lots, I must say that I hate seeing the PTIs roaming around and making funny noises

Before heading off to watch our free GSC movie screening of the Nim’s Island (it sucks… sucks big time. Don’t waste your time), Nadia, Julian and I headed off to Sushi King (Yes, Sushi King is now opened in KK… ) to wobble ourselves with some Kani Mayo Sushi … Wheeeeeeee~~~~

Not only it’s RM2 (WTF! It’s so cheap!) also, it’s my utmost favorite sushi whenever I step my foot in Sushi King.

Nadia @ Sushi King

Yai! Macam Ju-on Boy


Julian & Mua~

I also met up with Dtk Adeline regarding the KK Performing Arts 2008.

There’s gonna be 4 main events for this month and of course, I’ll blog about it more in my GoShop - Lifestyle Blog latest by Wednesday.

Mango Café - A new Thai Cuisine eatery place is now opened on the 1st Floor of Kompleks Asia City. CLICK HERE to view the official opening I blogged in GoShop – LifeStyle Blog.

June is gonna be as busy as May seriously.

This month, there’ll be more shopping and more musical performances. Yey!

So just wait and keep on visiting my LifeStyle Blog in GoShop aight?!



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