I miss you Aleen!

Aleen and I were on the phone chit chatting and gossiping non stop this afternoon.

“Aya!!! Camna ni…. Nak kecikkan paha” , she whined
“Kaki aku pun tak kecik lagi nak nasihatkan orang”

“Ayaaaaaaaaa!!!! Tolonggggg!!!!”

Berebet jer laaa minah tu…
But I miss her so much!
Unlike her, I’ll miss her much less coz I have Serena here in the office who has a similar feature to Aleen.

Left is Aleen. RIght is Serena.

Hohohohoho. Sorry Aleen~
*Don’t wait for me to fly to KL lah busuk! Fly down to KK now! ^^*


Met Andy Botak at the 2nd Jazz Fest Press Conference @ Starbucks 1B.
Apparently he has been put in charge for the new Starbucks 1B now. Cool~
Oh! His round baby-looked eye balls are still intact too! LOL! So cute!
Must find his photo somewhere in my pc to show it to u guys.

Don't forget to be at the 2nd KK Jazz FEstival in 1 Borneo tonight!!!


My colleague, Irene is going to get married soon.
So before saying ‘I do’, Hooi Teng and co organized a Hen’s Party/Gathering in Upperstar Damai.

They also organized 4 different games for us to play after dinner.
*Hrmmm… Interesting*
But I still thought Irene deserve a cute anime cosplayed otoko. Kyaaaa XD

One of the games that we played was to draw a beachwear outfit for Irene.
So I drew this......

After the assesment of few drawings, Irene chose Cindy's! Wohooo! You see? Simplicity ALWAYS works!

Whatever it is... all the best to you girl. Marissa and I will be waiting for the beach party in 2 weeks time! Yeyyyy~


This week’s guest DJ was Selina’s boyfriend.
Selina has been showing me his photos before, so I kinda know who he was when I walked into the studio.

Noticed the unchanged outfit?
Well that was my working attire.
From morning at office to press conference to Hen’s Party and to DJing…
Rush~ rush~ rush XD
And tomorrow (err... I mean today) , I'll be stucked in 1 Borneo for the 2nd KK Jazz Fest.
So if you are there, look for Julian and I aight?
We will snap a picture of you and your gang!


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