Stupid Pilaks are meant to die!

I was so dead please that today is Sunday ^^
Thought that I could sleep more and continue dreaming…
But I just had
* to think about my work schedule didn’t I?

*must stop being a workaholic* =_=”

When I realised that I had to meet up Julian for Shaz’s new short film audition, I stood up from my sleeping position too fast and resulted myself to a veeeeeeery bad headache @_@"

Last night's 2nd KK Jazz Festival went well… and I must say that the last show from APU (Asian Percussion Unit) saved the day.
Aside from the small space in 1B and a lot of pilaks roaming around getting a free show, all else are ok.
My thought about the Mayor looking like the A&W bear is escalating now that I’ve seen him dancing giddily during the show. LOL! SO cute.

I also got the opportunity to interview Mac Chew, one of the arranger and composer for a lot of artistes in Taiwan, China and in Malaysia. *Thanks Iskandar*
But you know what?

During the interview, somewhere around the shopping mall, there were 2 pilak kids who just can’t stop appearing behind Mac Chew!
Stupid Pilak kidsssss!!
I hate you! Go back to your country you punk! Ergh!
I told them to buzz off and they did.
But you know what happened after that???

One of the mofo went behind me to see the video cam’s viewfinder and suddenly asked his brother to go behind Mac Chiew again and waved at the camera.
They were SO DAMN JAKUNly AND SAKAIly EXCITED shouted:

and jumped excitedly.

Oh god….
Can you two just die?


Oh! Pet Bro Al is in town.
That silly billy.
I was extremely surprised when my mom told me that he has arrived in KK yesterday morning.
So after covering the Benny Chan and Karen Kong concert, mama, my two monkeys *sisters of course*, Al and Sotong *that would be my BB Julian* went to watch Made of Honour.
I loved the show. Really...

Anyhow, these are some of our movie poster jakun shots.
*at least we're not disturbing anyone's view like the pilaks above... shit*

So next movie is gonna be Get Smart.
Wheeeeeeeeee ^^

Edit: Marissa just told me that the cute guy with the dreadlock hair during the 2nd KK Jazz festival was Justin Lim, her senior back in Lim Kok Wing. Kyaaaaaa XD


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