Special Gift. Everyday Gift.

Do you know that it’s not easy to buy a father’s day gift?
I don’t want to buy a tie.
My dad has few drawers of it.
Books? He’ll read first page and wait it to rot in the rack.
Coat? He’s sponsored for it.
Smoking Pipe? Huh! He doesn’t smoke thank god.
So we got him another perfume… again =_=

“B, have you got father’s day gift for your dad?”
“Err…. Can you help me pick a cake later?”
“Mmmm… is your dad the vanilla type, the chocolate type or the nutty type?”
“Wait that doesn’t sound right LOL!”
“Ok… 1 slice… or 1 whole cake?”
“………… 1 slice?”
“You know what… let’s just walk around and hope that we find something”

*Passing Chinese Sweet shop*

“Hey.. my dad love to eat those”
“=_= this is not something you buy as a gift…”

*Passing Soxworld*

Oh no… he’s looking at the socks and man briefs!
Is he? I’m sure he doesn’t….

“NO!!! N.O = NO! What are you thinking getting your dad a pair of sock!"
“B…b…but…. He needs that”
“THAT is something that you can buy anytime! NOT as a special gift on his special day! Come on B! Socks???????”

Eventually we got Julian’s dad a Padini Polo shirt instead. Yey!

I can’t buy Polo shirt for my dad at this hour coz he’s the Kungfu Panda’s brother.

So get the gist.

Here are some photos from Jack-Jack’s BBQ Gathering.


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