It’s wan’s birthday today!!!

*Wan is a great Cooker
*Wan is the coolest grandma ever
*Wan is irreplaceable

As usual, mama would tapau RCH for all of us to feast on.

My intern in the office requested me for more work.

Wow… *skema*

That’s the first time my intern ever asked me that.

Don’t bother asking about our past interns coz they seriously know how to enjoy their intern life i.e. watching anime and reading online mangas at work almost 24/7.

Maybe the girls (Serena, Rina and Mars) should teach this new intern how to play online games. LOL.

After Danny gone back to KL, I feel my thigh is getting bigger.

I need to work out!!!!
I need to dance!!!

Stupid YFitness

Find a dance instructor already baka!

*breathe innnn*breathe outtttttt*

Papa Dino Dinosaur bought me Crunchie Chocolate today *yey*

For the first time ever, he knows what his anak really needs at this point of time.



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