OMGWTFBBQ!!! U have got to be kidding me...

Petrol & electricity price increased.... Bla.. Bla.. Bla..

Just incase you're wondering, I DID NOT fill up my tank.

Just look at this?????!!!!

This is insane!

Every petrol stations I bumped into are full of crazy people who would actually wait and waste more petrol for almost an hour just to wait for their turn to fill up their car with the freaking minyak which is gonna be up by 78 cent a litre in less than 4 minutes!!!!

*breathe in... breathe out...*

And according to my sources, almost every petrol station won't allow you to fill up your car full tank. I mean of course! It's common sense! How lah they want to senangkan hati all these people???

I bet all Petrol Stations are happy today...


You guys go ahead and wait in the jam and waste more minyak, I'm going home

Previously, my dearest Kancil (Piper) will feel soooo kenyang with around 21.5 litre of petrol (RM1.92 x 21.5 = RM42+/-).

Now, with the 40% increase in petrol price, I havta fork out extra RM16 (RM2.70 x 21.5 = RM58+/-) every time I fill up the tank.

what is happening with the petrol price nowadays...

What happen to the good old RM35 full tank kancil?


I just minus 1 new clothe from my shopping every month to sum up my cost of feeding piper 3 times a month.

*Less 1 shoe, Less eating sushi, chicken cordon bleu, 6 movies, tiramisu, pizza, hair treatment, cosmetic, RM50 phone bill.... (i can go on and on you know....)*

Poor Piper. Poor You. Poor Me




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