KK Time Square

As papa Dino have said…

KK Time Square is indeed BIG.

Imagine this view at all direction i.e. front, back, left and right

This is the inside view opposite from where we usually see by the road side

Kakuuuuiiii~ XD
*Really reminds me of one particular shopping mall in Perth*

After strolling around the area, Julian and I started to imagine us filming a silly counter strike/zombie/shooting movie there while it is still empty.

So try Imagine....

(Is this how zombie sounds like?)




Syok sendiri XD

Actually we dropped by KK Time Square to visit Amie’s friend at PitStop Cafe.
We arrived at about 8.30pm and unfortunately they closed at 8.30pm as well

Fair enough. I don’t see any human being going there anyway.
But I do think that they should do a promo to let people know of their existence.
Whatever it is, I’ll go and eat there next Tuesday right after sunset! Wheeee!

Oh! Papa Dino recommend anyone of you who plans to visit KK Time Square to go there during sunset.

“It was beautiful’, says him.

Well papa, let your anak2 be the judge of that
So guys, feel free to join.
At the same time, we bagi kaya amie’s friend for a day. LOL!

Anyway, after today's lunch in Lintas,
Mars, Rina, Serena and I decided
to tapau milky tea at Easyway Damai.
And lookie-lookie... ^^ look who i visited?

Isn’t she cuteeeeeeeeeee???!!!!
I was in Pinnacle Pet Store Damai that Amie & Dino recommended before.
Apparently, I can now imagine the funny cat humping story that they told me last time now that I’ve seen how this kitten's mama and papa look like. Hahahaha!


Oh yeahhhhh~
Shaz's short film of Where's My Water is now out!
Try and spot me. Hohohoho.


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