Taking silhouette photo is what I did today.
Since the weather is being a bitch nowadays i.e. from windy to rain to pricking hot day especially today… nevertheless, the sun is up beautifully and sets nicely to give a wonderful sunset scene.

While people are hu-ha’ing’ about all petrol station closing tomorrow, Al, BB, Nadia and I went to Tg Aru to grab some keropok lekor.

Let me properly introduce to you.
This is my pet bro Al.
Jeng! Jeng!

Al is undergoing his Pilot training in KL.
Well.. practically.. he IS staying there.
And unfortunately, under unplanned circumstances, Al has to go back tomorrow T-T
Shaits. Why??? Why???? Why???????????
*roll on the floor and cry*

“Hey, Is KK having a petrol station mogok right now?”, Ridwan suddenly called.
*blur* “what?”
“You know, about all petrol stations closing tomorrow?”
“No mogok in Sabah, thank u very much =_=”
“But in Tawau…”

He got cut off as usual and never returns his call.
Silly guy

My fuel tank can still survive me for another 2 days anyway.
So yeah…. Tralalala *skipping on the beach*


Kanak-Kanak Ribena - Al & Julian

BB & Me

Al and Mua

Tentacle silhoutte

Poser Poser Poser

Poser Poser Poser Poser Poser Poser Poser Poser

Tai Lung and Master Oogway


Paksu, Yoyo and Hafeez joined right after

Chocolate MilkShake and Orange Juice @ BB Cafe

Met up with Cici, Jeal and Zila in Anjung Senja for supper.
Oh! Oh! Jeal is now working in Sushi King. Yatta~!
Cousin Hafeez is in KK for few days as well ^^
And my newly wedded cousin Hakeem is coming down tomorrow too!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

Oh! You know what.
Al purchased his return… I repeat… return ticket to KK from KL for only RM120.
He told me that MAS staffs only pay 25% from the airplane ticket value.
That’s like 75% discount.
If you work for more than err… 10 years (?) you’ll only pay 10% value.
And 5% for 20 years.

Can I just change profession?


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