Cubex +1 = Rabuuuu.... ^^

31st May may be a Harvest Festival to all.
But for the CSPian, 31st May is a double celebration for us becauuuuuse~~
Jeng! Jeng! It's Cubex Bdayyyy~~~ Yeyyyy!!!!

I’ve been out covering one event after another, hence, late updates on Cubex’s bday post.

Gomen Nasai! XD

Being a lovely sister, Massy organized a last minute small CSP BBQ + PotLuck BDay Party for Cubex at Rainer’s house.

It was suppose to be a surprise party, but being Cubex, who organized many events till today, a surprise party is … not really that surprising anymore ain’t it Cubex? ^^

But with 20 guests, fuh! we had fun all night long.

As mentioned.. we had BBQ~ *Dori… you’re the man!*

Amber, Rob JR, Jason & Nick

Irene (IrTea) & Cubex

The Neko girl and.... boy (?) LOL!

You have to be there to understand the joke XD


Jim & Mars

Serena & Mars

I must have this in my house one day

I also learned that Rainer is soooooooo in love with his garden frog.
We even played hide and seek with it

Guys, next time, we MUST buy him a Crazy Frog plushy.


Rainer after running & climbing up the next floor

Treasure Hunt for Rainer

Oh! Oh! We played Taboo too! XD XD XD




Wah laaa… Damn exciting ^^
I heard of the game from Rina & Mars but never really got the chance to play one.
Yosh~~~ Must buy a set to play with my siblings.

At midnite, Massy brought down the Chocolate Walnut Bday cake from the kitchen.
=_= Fyi, she tempted me the day before which I ended up skipping the Shens event for it.

Yeyyy! The cake is hereeeee!

He took almost a minute to wish

You can view the video at Massy’s blog here
In the video, I noticed something awkward…
Why didn’t we put the cake on the table??? XD XD XD
Poor Cubex ^^

But anyhow, we hope you enjoyed your Bday, Cubex.
Like you said "Yes!! It's MY Birthday!"
Indeed it... was... Hohohoho.

Otanjobi Omedeto!!!


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