PTPTN slaves

See this kid?
If you've just read my blog, this is Nadia, my Baby Sis yang suka makan, tidur, main game, tengok anime,
makan, tidur, main game, tengok anime, makan, tidur, main game, tengok anime, and malas gosok gigi. (conclusion, she likes to eat, sleep, play computer games and watch anime whole day..... oh... and her hobby is to collect and count dust at home)
*Nooo... she doesn't wear head scarf. This picture was taken during MaulidurRasul event*

Nadia is going off to UITM soon.
No worries. She’s just several km away in Sepanggar. Hoho!
But the fact that I’m going home without her sitting in front of my laptop playing maple or watching anime is so not cool.
Plus, I don’t get to say “You! MOVE! It’s my turn~” anymore.

Starting July, I have to sleep alone =_=”
No more Anime feeder*
*No more tukang kemas tempat tidur*
*No more sponge bob laughter*
*No more Pak Guard who waits for me every night*

My mom is against the idea of Nadia applying scholarship.
“That is meant for the less fortunate” she said.
Fine... Fair enough

Maybe I’ve seen too many scholarship holders taking advantage and get shitty result / repeat their years again and again.
They’re so free... what to do?

So for the time being, we settled on with applying for PTPTN Loan.
Tho I'm still determine to try to get Nadia’s hand on scholarship after her first year.

Paying PTPTN loan sucks. Fullstop.

PTPTN is so ngongeng and mengada-ngada one I tell you.
They need more documents than they ever need before.
What happen to just fill in the form and submit?
To fill in a simple form, we had to open up few bank accounts here and there, get pin number from BSN and yada-yada-yada.
*kicks ptptn*

Out of curiosity, are/were you a scholarship holder, PAMA holder (Papa and Mama bank holder)... or a PTPTN slave like me? Jeng! Jeng!


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