Expensive vs. Cheap

Papa usually complains that he needs to save more money.
But he bought a new air amplifier today which drive mama nuts.
The other day he bought a new plasma TV for the living room and reason being,
so that we could spend time and watch tv/movie together.

He knows that it's unlikely to happen.

"Err... Since you bought a lot of stuff these days....
then what happened to my G9 you promised?"
"Oh later"
"You told me not to buy it earlier bcoz… ( tralala…)"

"Oh... later... Wait till have money"

*looking at Plasma TV and other junks*

Sedeeeyyyy~ =_="

I finished packing all my stuff to Kuching. Yey!
Will blog more when I’m there. Tataaaaaaaaaa!
*skips around*


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