Was having a meeting with WC, Jacq and Papa Dino just now.
Saw WC carrying a cough syrup with him.

“Sick?” I asked WC
“Ya lo… both also sick. See, Jacq got sakit hingus and I cough non stop”
“LOL! Sakit hingus… U mean selsema?”
“Oh… Haha”

WC was asking If Julian and I even have a life.
The reason being, we’re always out covering events together since May.
And one of the soalan cepu emas:

“Aren’t you guys gonna get bored seeing each other everyday?”

LOL. Tsk Tsk.. Uih WC, remember.. u’re gonna get married soon ^^

But the soalan cepu emas always got me wondering since forever.

So guys.. how would YOU respond if someone ask you that? XD


Nadia just called and cried.

She was so stressed out with the time and culture shock of the university’s orientation.
I know dear.. orientation sucks

Lack of sleep and it’s sucking all of your energy.
But it’s a phase that you must go through to be stronger.

But the weird thing about THIS* uni is… they didn’t state specifically what type of shoe or head scarf the student needs to bring.
They just said, ‘bring black shoe and black head scarf’.
So my mom bought a simple flat black sandal and a slip on head scarf for Nadia.
But what happened after that?
They asked my sis to get a black shoe, those typical shoe that old aunty or old school teacher always wear and a typical square head scarf, the traditional one where you have to iron and fold and pin it right after.

What the hell???

So mafan!

Why didn’t you state that earlier BAKA!

Come on... Head scarf is still a head scarf.
And hers was black for god’s sake and still can be used to cover their freaking head.
Why do you need to care if it’s the traditional head scarf or a slip on?
It’s STILL a head scarf bodoh!

And the shoe…
It’s still a black shoeeeee!
Why do you even care how it looks like anyway???
It's a simple sandal!
Nobody's gonna ogle at their feet and comment their fashion!
Bodoh siot!

Why can't you just prepare extra and sell it to the students?
Now my mom have to go out, buy those stuff and send it all the way to Sepanggar.
Just imagine if they are the international students.

that is if they have one lar....

Even their handphone got confiscated.
Nadia only got few minutes to inform what she needs for the orientation.
Oh! Did I forget to mention that their hair must be black???
No coloured hair allowed.

I know it's a local uni and being strict-ass is what they're known for.
But personally, being unreasonably strict is really.... weird =_="

Man.... This is like worse than school...

If like this, this uni is suckier than mine back then.

I am now imagining all the college kids behaving like Sims with a red energy bar above their head.

If this go on any longer, a death riper might come to them.

Uishhh! Scary


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