Bapak Manis = Sugar Daddy

Was at SGCC (Sabah Golf & Country Club) for a small SPCA KK meeting.
Ms Faridah, one of the SPCA member (who is also a member of SGCC)
offered Julian and I a drink.
We ordered Teh Tarik.

“Yaaaaiiii!!! Bapak manissss!” – 0_<”
“Sugar daddy?” - Julian
“Bapak manis = Sugar Daddy”
“No it’s not!”
“Yes it is!”
“No it’s not! Bapak manis literally means too sweet!”
“Yeah! But the direct translation to it is Sugar Daddy”
“……… *remember… you’re dating a direct translating bf*……”


Am gonna get diabetes man =_="

Nothing much happened, really.
We were just asked to improve the SPCA slide presentation to make it more *ummph.
Whatever that means…

An orange cat passed by and she looked soooooo cute.
Very playful, but dang… a very ganas one too.

She played around & scratched everybody including me.
I’m immune with cat scratches.
But Julian doesn’t.
He was pissed with the cat

If it wasn’t for the SPCA member there, I figured he would’ve tortured the cat kao-kao. Haha.

SGCC brought back so many memories.
Especially when Tok Wan was in his perfect health.
He loves to play golf you see.
Back then, he even taught Papa how to play perfectly.
To this day, Papa always brought something home whenever he wins a golf match.

Wan (grandma) is receiving the special Chief Minister award for the Veteran Singers & Musicians in Sabah tomorrow night (Tuesday – 27th/May/2008)
The event will be held in Yayasan Sabah and it is open to public.
Am gonna be there with Julian.
Congrats to Wan! Muahs!


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