Nodame Cantabile

Marissa has been feeding me with episode after episode of Nodame Cantabile (J-drama)
damn funny man

Especially the slow motion parts in the movie…
Oh! Oh! and that old Stresemann guy’s slang.
Bodoh! Hahahahahaha!
No wonder she laughs like mad woman whenever she watches the show.

The Chiaki guy look emo.,… but so cute! XD


I have yet to finish watching Honey & Clover live action and I’m jumping to this.
Even Nadia is bugging me to finish watching Shugo Chara and few other lists of anime.
So don’t go asking me if I’m keeping myself up to date with Vampire knights, Naruto mangas and all others.


*Where do these two find time to watch all of them anyway????*


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