Farmeliss & The Trio

See… I was a friendly + mischievous and ganas kid in primary school.
I befriended anyone I met and will do my own stuff after that.
I never really knew what having a best friend feels like.
You know during primary school people will study like crazy for their UPSR exam?
They were so skema carrying books everywhere…
and I just didn’t see any points in doing that

Oh! ^^ Did I mention I sucked back then? Hohoho!

But that’s not the point

My most cherished Friendship card

After every ‘kelas tambahan’, you’ll either see me playing in the field or wait by the stairs waiting for the afternoon session to end, which was when the bloody van driver will come and pick me and the rest back home.

Apparently on the 25.5.95, it was raining heavily.
My friends had gone home, and playing all by myself in the wet field wasn’t a really good idea was it?
So I sat by the stairs, picked up any leaves or flowers from the pot plant, and placed it in the drain and let it flow just like how u play with a paper boat.
I did this till I got bored.
Bongok… =_=
So I continued wondering around the school and I noticed Mel sitting… err.. somewhere.
I thought - *uh! It’s Melissa, Cikgu Florence’s daughter kan tu?… I’m bored.. why not approach her*
Then I ran to her and introduced myself

Mel was very shy back then. *Henna kodomo… lalala*

So I asked…

“mmmmm… Mau Ice cream?”
“Ice Cream?”
“Chocolate Ice Cream. 20 sen saja ^^ ”
“mmmm…. *checked her pocket* Boleh! ^^ ”

So we went lumba lari to the canteen and grabbed the Chocolate Ice Cream sticks.
We ate. We chat. We ate. Then we talk-talk again.

“Nak Ice Cream lagi? ^^ ”
“Nak!!! ^^ ”

Then we ran again to the canteen, sit together by the drain and play with our ‘leaf’ boat.

We did this for 5 rounds which if I’m not mistaken ended up with us eating 5 sticks of ice cream. Haha. So sweet

So Sweeeeeet

Day by day, we became closer and closer.
By the end of our primary school year, Mel wrote and drew in my autograph book our special hand shake sign as a special symbol of our friendship.
*remember kids use to pass around diary/autograph book at the end of each school years? ^^* At the end of her note, she put ‘thank you for being my bestfriend’. The word strikes me in a good way. So we became best friend and I appreciate her ever since.

Mel & I during Form 2

Goshhhhh XD
We’ve gone through a lot kan Mel?
Even when we are blessed with a loving man in our lives, especially with Mel getting all married soon, we know that there are things that only both of us can share. Hohohoho.

Of course like any other friendship, there will always be the good and the bad times. The processes and phases which are vital for us to learn about each other, to appreciate one another and keeping each other safe at all times.

So Mel, I know I am no poetic hence I have never been good with describing word per word and make it sound beautiful like you do. But I do know that our friendship is like a beautiful flower that is not made of leaves and petals… but pieces of you.

Mel & I

Happy 13th Friendship Anniversary Mel!!!!


Ps: While you’re toasting with a glass of milk and creating a milk moustache like you always do, I’ll be sipping my San Francisco Chocolate Frappuccino with hazelnut. Wheeeeee~



The Trio

Another friend of mine who both Mel and I grow up being close to is Leena.
Leena celebrated her 25th birthday in Aussie last week, 20th May.
Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

This is a photo of us during Leena’s bday 3 years ago.

Leena's Birthday at San Francisco Coffee

This is during the day after Mel’s engagement at Little Italy

A day after Mel's Engagement


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