Message from Earth!

I have been going for DJ 'double banking' in RTM for 2 weeks now.
Double banking is the term they use for DJ 'in training'.
it does sound like a pretty big money huh?
But not for this one. I'm paid Z.E.R.O
For that exact reason, I seriously cram my head asap to quickly learn so that I can actually start my duty fast and actually receive a real DJ pay soon.

Message to pet-bro (AL)ien-D-Macho,
I’m very lazy to top up now coz I’m waiting for my postpaid simcard to arrive. So,
this is how you can listen to me online:

- First, download Easy Radio (

- After installing, open up the program, and follow the instructions below.

This is what it looks like after you open up the program. Obviously, click on Malaysia:

Click Stations and then ADD:

This is where you key in stuffs to add a radio station:

For Sabah VFM radio station, key in the infos below:

Station: Sabah VFM

You can also record online radio with this software

Okay? Yey!

Am going to have a cocktail party on a ship tonight and
bug/on air with Selina Light in the studio at 11-2am.
Shout with me! Wheeee~~


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