Pet & Lisa's Farewell

Today is Lisa’s last day of working in KKIPC.
We only knew each other for two years, but me being me,
saying goodbye is always hard and sad.
So I got her to do the Usa-chan peace with me

Gosh… I just gotta stop doing that =_=
*mars! It’s all your fault*

Our Managing Director hosted a farewell party at his house.
As usual, roast lamb is a must.

Before Lisa & Pet’s farewell speech, Mr. Edwin and our Chairman, Dtk KY Mustapha presented a memento to Pet & Terrence as a token of appreciation for serving the company more than 10 years.
*no… Terrence is not leaving…. Yet* Gagagagaga XD
For two years of working there, I never knew that Pet and Lisa both met, fall in love & got married with each other in this company. *awww…*

Rina & I cabut to KAC Mindslaver right after.
All of the Magic Players were still there for their weekly competition.
Boxes after boxes of Magic cards lying around the table and on the floor.

“Yours?”, I asked Francis
“How much do you pay for one box of card?”


I can buy SOOOO MANY STUFF with that!!!

“expensive I know”
“you bet it is”
“What can I do. It’s an expensive hobby”

“Oh.. that’s alright. If you ran out of money to eat or buy clothes, I’ll just get the card and stick it all over you”
“it’s an honor”


I got bored waiting so I bugged Jason and watched J-drama.
Jason wanted me to find a girl exactly like the heroin.
I told him to close his shop, go out and meet girls.
Hihi ^^

I put Rina’s hat onto Julian while he was having late supper at Fook Yuen.

See? Can work in Jalan Gaya, Paris kan?

I told him that he can do the Irwansyah’s hairstyle.
“who’s Irwansyah?”
“Ala... u know.. “aku memang pencinta wanita~~~”
La-di-da XD You are so gonna do it!


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