*welcome to the club*

Perfectionist is not a disease.
You’ll benefit from it anyways.

*tau complain saja... diam lah!*

Just got back from Blue Knights Damai.
Avocado Juice + Vanilla Ice Cream...*nice*

I’m officially in the SPCA KK Publicity team.
So as Dino, Amie, Jacq and Julian.
We got so worked out contributing ideas after ideas
after ideas till we forgot that it was almost midnight.
The best part is, we’re gonna make it work.

Julian and I signed up for the official Sabah Photography Club.
I don’t have a gigantic and pro camera like anyone else.
But I love attending and capture any events that’ll interest me.
So if you’re into events, photography and back stage
a.k.a special-gila-best-no-one-else-can-get passes,
you can sign up with my sister - RM50.
She’s one of the committee members under DBKK.

Society for Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah)
membership form has been lying around my table for weeks.
I know I shouldn’t do that ><"
I sometimes forget things too, o.kay?
Thanks Datuk Adeline for inviting and posting the form personally.
I just need to get my butt to the atm machine to pay for the membership fee.

Do you know that I always thought that I’m a kedekut person?
Rupanya ada orang lagi kedekut.


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