What a nice weekend!

Went out to Warisan Square for some shopping with my little monkeys.

“who are you calling monkeys?” - Nadia
“you guys are”
“that makes you a head monkey”
“I am.. that’s why you guys are too. Hohohoho”

We then went to Tg Aru.
Keropok lekor at stall… er… 13 *I think* is very nice!
Even the meehoon goreng at stall 11 also not bad.
*Must drag sotong there next time*

I was probing through my wardrobe for tonight’s Sabah Fest (2nd day).
What to wear?! What to wear?! What to wear?!
*Come on… It’s only Sabah Fest!! And you went for the grand opening. Wear simple la!*
I can’t!
It’s 6.30pm..
I should’ve walked out 10 minutes ago to meet Julian.
But still have time to blog.
Har har


OK… seriously gtg. Tata!


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