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How should I start my review on this movie….



10 stars, 5 love stories, one movie

Love – The movie is an Indonesian remake of Malaysian - ‘Cinta’ the movie.

Directed by the same director (Khabir Batia), the storyline is exactly similar to Cinta, but has its own twist and turn.

It is a ‘deep’ movie where you have to really get into it… selami sedalam-dalamnya…

Why I said this is because almost half of the people who watched the movie just now went out half way o_O. They just couldn’t take it anymore. It was just too slow. I know Fid slept halfway LOL! Even some of those who stayed, mainly those who sat behind us just won’t stop cursing:

bodoh punya movie!!! #*&)@#*^$)!#@#&*$
(stupid movie + *cursing*)

*sigh* In a nutshell, it IS a story about Love. That’s it. Can I sleep now?

*ok.. ok...crawls back*

Both LOVE and CINTA is a feel-good movie that relies on our ability to love and to make it work.

While each story is independent on its own, the characters are connected to one another, either by circumstances and coincidence… just like in Love Actually.

This movie basically sums up all love problems such as the love triangle and those who are in denial. Ranging from sibling love, parental love, unconditional love, forbidden love, forgotten love, gay love, lesbo love, hamsap love.............. *eh. ni sudah menyimpang ni…* ….aaaannnnddd the list goes on and on.

Dush* Dush* Dush*
I’m very-very sure that one of those five stories could be related to yours too!
......... *don’t lie* .

Out of 5 stories in the movie, one that caught my attention was this married man, who has a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter (at least the cast in CINTA).... perfect job... and almost perfect life... but is totally living in denial. I’m not sure if he’s blur or not, but if your lover distance themselves emotionally from you, I’m sure you can feel it no matter what, no? Sigh~ Like they said… Ignorance is bliss. You never know that one day, you might wake up only to find out that your perfect love life is but an illusion. *scary* ><"


But If I must compare LOVE and CINTA, I would have to say CINTA is better. In CINTA, I like all the casts except Fasha Sandha. *Buek! =P

And as for LOVE, I’m akin to all the casts… except… eh wait... I think all of them are good. Irwansyah looks cute and tough in there, although his gf Acha looks a bit funny in few scenes. *she really reminds me of my sis, Sarah – The petite and funny monkey*

Anyhow, things that I learned from both movies is that LOVE really* does happen when you least expect it. An unexpected meeting can lead to an unexpected depth of feeling.

Love is also easily spoken by words but in practicality, it is hard to keep without commitment, sacrifices, understanding, patients and tolerations.

In conclusion, you have to spend time with someone to see their reactions and build experiences together.

Oh! And age does not lessen one’s capacity for love or need for companionship... just like the uncle who likes to grope people in the Hospital just now.. Ewww...

Quoting one of the characters in LOVE, "Beritahu dengan Ibu kamu, sedangkan orang bodoh dan goblok seperti saya juga memerlukan cinta" Gagagagagaga.

I remember that CINTA was a rather emotional story for me, especially during one of the final scenes. As for LOVE… mmm boleh-boleh la…

Aih... malas sudah mau cerita. Look at what I've stumbled upon before I went to watch LOVE...

Tada!!!! So Cute!!! XD XD XD

Rain looks a bit like my friend, chan. LOL! Mata sepet!


Head itch… =_=



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