Sabah Fest - Day 2

I’m listening to Sabah Vfm now.
Homework stuff…so…
La-di-da~ ^^

Why don’t the DJs know how to pronounce Colbie Caillat?
They kept on pronouncing ‘kol-bi ko-let’ or ‘kol-bi ke-let’

Sabah Fest 2nd night doesn’t have the same *ummph as the grand opening, except the closing part. But yeah, I somehow enjoyed it nonetheless.

This is during the closing:

Oh! There was one dance which involved many2 kids.
Look at them!

Don't they look like the Patapons?
Even the music sounded like the game.

Aihs~ bila laaaa dpt main game tu~~ *hint! *hint!

I met my anak again.
He is so* cute!!!
Can’t I just adopt him?

Met Amy and Aunty Florence there too.

My back hurts.
Must adjust sitting position correctly.


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