Beautiful Sabah: Photography Workshop



We provided you with shelter, We fed you with food,
We let you in and treated you like a family because we thought you are good
(At least my mom and my sis)
Regrettably you repay them by telling lies, making them believe that you are true,
You stole my dad’s hp and money, spend it with your girlfriend and bought new clothes & shoes

The surprise news this morning was not that shocking,
I saw this coming and have never trusted you from the early beginning,
There’s no turning back when you break my family’s heart,
And too bad buddy, coz you mess with the wrong family from the start,

Stay happy in jail. Sayonara.


I attended the “BEAUTIFUL SABAH – DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WORKSHOP” yesterday at Monsopiad Cultural Village, Penampang.

Was 1/2 hour late coz I got the time mixed up thinking that it’ll start at 10.30. Hohohohoho

The workshop started with an hour of photography briefing by Datuk Ruslan and my photojournalist friend Edmund; followed by practical sessions.

Datuk Ruslan


Edgar & Massy

The theme for the practical session was ‘Monsopiad – A tourist attraction destination’. We were divided into groups of 5, and my group consists of Julian, Claire, Saiful, and…. O’oh… I forgot the other one… will check my notebook later.

What's with the tomb?

Seee?? I mean seriously.... LOL! Jk! Jk!

The Omputeh was so nice. He helped me to pretend by pointing at the rock. LOL!

For the final presentation, the group leader had to select the best picture of all which reflect the theme given. Picture after picture was presented and question after question was being thrown at the group presenting.

Honestly, I do notice some of the questions were silly, seriously

Joj punya presentation

My Group

Julian picked my photo to be presented. Honestly, at first, I damn tidak puas hati with the lighting coz I forgot to switch on the flash. And by the time I realized it, the ‘exotic look’ orang putih *as how Julian put it* got tired acting & pointing at the big rock. LOL! But surprisingly in the end, our photo received no bad comment and Dtk Ruslan was happy that we stick to the theme. Yey!

Julian presenting

Ngeee XD I like this picture, so am gonna put it here

The omputeh was so proud that our picture was among the good ones

Group Picture! - For NST paper

Click to enlarge


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