It's starting! It's starting!

My RTM DJ training starts today.
I’ll be on air on Sabah Vfm at 11.15 tonight.
Anxiety is so not cool.
Always happen whenever I want to go somewhere unfamiliar, for exams, for presentation, for reviews, for competition, meeting up new people, meeting deadline, receive assignments, .... Hrmm... I do* get nervous easily don't I? ><"
I remember when I was little, before going to school (even after few years attending it), I sometimes feel nervous the minute I step into my mum’s car.
Anyhow, I haven’t been on air for quiet sometime.
Hope all goes well tonight.

Clifton brought us to Umai today Yey!

Dragon Maki - RM14.90/6pcs

Syefu Maki Mori - Rm14.90/8pcs

Mix Furai Set - Rm19.00

Ebi Ten Cheese Maki - RM9.90 / 6pcs

Tenpura Set - Rm17.00

Kenyang & Happy

Rina & Clifton


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