Then, shall not be forgotten

Was browsing through my old photos, trying to find pictures of my trip to NZ.
*nyanyukness alert*
Where the heck did I put the file.. the cd… my external hard disk…

Where* exactly did I put my external hard disk.
Die! Die! ><"
My sis gonna kick my ass for sure.

While clicking here and clicking there.... browsing through,
I found photos of my faculty’s final year annual dinner during my study in MMU.

Brings back tons and tons of memory.

This is only 20% of the Faculty members. There's more in the ballroom.

Below are Mel and Andri. The cartoon partners.I can see the resemblance of my friend, Daniel Panja with Andri. Funny and sarcastically entertaining. Always fun when they are around. Uh! Andri! I miss you calling me 'Budak baru'. Shannaro! LOL!

Mel & Andri

Rizz, Nizam, Dannie & Me

Nizam and Dannie – The best student, Friends & Idol. They met in MMU, they fall in love, married and Nizam/Dannie Jr is coming very very soon. Nizam is now the CEO of

My Bestfriend Mel, the Sabahan Angelina Jolie. Now a storyboard artist for Saladin Animation. Oh! Her wedding is coming up very very soon too. Wheeee~

Me & Rizz (then bf)

The Bachelors

The 10 Bachelors:

  • Nizam – Used to have a crush on him when I first set my foot in the Uni. Back then I thought “cute…smart” but nah~
  • Salleh – Super Duper talented bugger. Now with Al, taking a journey to become a successful Pilot
  • Rizz – Now a course coordinator in Lim Kok Wing. Budak ngegeh. Used to malas buat assignment. Now he’s the one instructing stubborn kids to do their homework. Gagagagaga XD
  • Zam – He used to have curly hair. Now he’s very comfortable with straight hair.
  • Stan – First he asked us to call him Stan. After a while, he got bored and want us to call him by his real name Ridzwan. LOL. Reminds me of J.Lo. First J.LO then Jennifer.. oh! And PDD too! Puff DD, to Puff Daddy, to PDD… ok… I’m straying…
  • Hrmmm…. Hontou ni Gomen nasai!!! I really forgot his name. But I remember he’s very persistent
  • Amad – Budak gila. Forever gila. Gue sayang bangat dengan Amad.
  • Wan – MMU hermit the creative frog
  • Shahnon – Love Photography. Creative too.
  • Adi – Now a teacher. A very soft spoken guy. Always smile and very pleasant to be with. Tension pun nampak tak macam tension.

Look at Al. Always changing his hair do, kalah-kalah perempuan. He was skinny back then. But now… fuh! Tagap and Macho. Pilot gitu.

This was gila mode of both Mel and Amad in the hotel room. These two are psychos especially Amad.


Destiny definitely lies in god's hand aint it peeps?

Hope it’ll be great for them, for me and for you.

*close window*

Dah! Dah! Go eat! Go Play! Look forward!


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