I is no Londoners XD

I finally met Tracy and Gemma, Julian’s cousin from UK.
One is a City Girl and the other is Adventurous.
Took half day off from work to hang out with them at the beach.
But unfortunately it rained

Plus, the girls were looking forward to a bright sun shiny beach walk.
So.... Oh well.... Talk about visiting Sabah at the wrong time.

A minute there I felt so blessed to be living in Malaysia.
Beach + Beach and more Beach! Hohohoho.
I recommended them to go to Tg Aru foodstalls:

“What’s there to eat there anyway?”
– Tracy
“Oh! Avocado Juice with Vanilla Ice Cream and Kerop….”

*turns to Julian*

“B… what’s Keropok Lekor in English?”
“Err…. It’s like err…cracker…”

*direct translation betul BF aku ni*

“Mmm… noooo! Mmm… Keropok Lekor… it’s mm made of fish meat….err… fried… *my gosh… they must be thinking me talking about fried fish* … emmm…. *oh! Uncle is from West Malaysia… I’m sure he knows* mmm…. Actually keropok lekor is a popular snack in Terengganu… *turns to uncle with a veeeeeeery happy and confident look* .. I’m sure uncle knows what is Keropok Lekor right? Right?

“errr… No~ I do not know what is Keropok Lekor”

* Him and his Lon+Don slang

So Julian will bring them to eat at Tg Aru stall-14 tomorrow for some Keropok Lekor and Banana Fritters.
Huh!!!! Anyway, don’t ever go to stall 13.
Yuck. I made a wrong entry previously.
Got the number mixed up.
Oh! Oh! Hmm.. maybe I should give them a taste of Wan's (grandma) Kueh as well. Hohoho.
Puteri Dua Sebilik, Lepat Pisang, Bengka, Gomak Cracker... kya!!! XD *Droooool*

In the end, I only met them for less than half an hour.
Julian sent me home at about 6.

I just realize that I still had enough time to attend my dance class at 7.30 this evening.
I forgotttttttttttttt


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