Canon vs. Nikon... not again ><"

I need a new camera for myself.
For work, for hobby, for traveling & for personal use.
I want to carry it with me anywhere and anytime.
And I’m not gonna go and dream on my la-la-land wishing for a bapak Pro DSLR with DIGIC II or III sticker attached on it *bless canon & nikon* Kempis dompet gue nanti.... T-T
Not now at least.

Was at CP with Julian earlier and encountered this:

Nikon Coolpix P80 Digital Camera

It's new and basically has everything that I need as an amateur photographer *I am… really* and it costs RM1388. I predict after discount it should be around RM1350 or so.

Click here for the specs and the review.
Click here for CNET Video Review

Then, as I browsed for the performance review on the net, I stumbled upon this:

Canon Powershot G9 - Click here for specs
Price: RM1900 +/-
You can also view the cute story of a photographer name Nick Davlin on his trip to Japan with his Canon P. G9 here
or video from CNET here

Yadaaa.... It's now Canon vs. Nikon all over again ><"

As you can see... the Canon model lens can be removed and exchanged from time to time with its 'buy and add' accessories. i.e.

Telle-converter Lens TC-DC58C*
Wide converter WC-DC58B*
• High Power Flash HF-DC1
• Waterproof Casing WP-DC21
• Speedlite EX Series Flash
• Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2
• Off-Camera Shoe Cord OC-E3

While Nikon P80 can zoom as far as you would like to peek a girl in a bathroom, still, you cannot add on flash / change lens. I did play around with it just now. The pictures were by par up to standard.

But I have yet to try the Canon one tho. So I can't really judge since I have not feel and touch it with my own bare hand. Gagagagaga XD. It was an older model compare to Nikon P80 probably by 5-6 months. Might need to search for it when I'm out again.

Anyhow, every photographer has their own preferences when it comes to taking picture. My* preferences would be food + close up object/product. Since I’m buying a new camera, I might as well get a good one that fits my budget and is close enough to all DSLR out there.

Once in awhile, I can still play around with my office DSLR; but you know as much as I know that owning your own camera feels a lot better than holding other people’s camera.

So now the question is…

Which one should I choose? Romeo or Superman? EH???? LOL...

*sigh* To buy… or not to buy…

Guys… help? ><”


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