Not bad XD

I touched… I stroked… I snapped…
Snap as in snap a picture people… what are you thinking?

Come back.. come back..

Went to CP to find and ‘test drive’ the Canon G9 I mentioned 2 days ago.
Mhm! The brand really stands up to its name.
Love the macro

Papa told me he has a friend who can get the camera at a cheaper price.
Direct from the supplier I suppose.
I love the camera. I love the size. Just grab, dump it into my bag and I’m ready to snap the world.
But the design looks kinda old… classic look but… hrrmmmm
*canon… why do you have to design it that way =_=*

So yeah…. Think am gonna grab that one soon

Watched Narnia earlier.
Aslan is still as handsome as a lion.
Technically he is* a lion. LOL! XD XD XD

BB got his appetite back. Yey!
Was so glad when he craved for KFC.
Julian + Soup = Abnormal
Julian + KFC = Normal

I just got back from 11-2am (night shift) DJ training.
Am gonna be on air again this morning 11-2pm.
Damn tired man.
Oh! Btw, todaaaaayyyyy....... GO to:
Imperial Hotel: Santai Hi Tea - All You Can Eat Buffet.
It's every Sunday, 12-4pm and believe it or not it’s only freaking RM9.90 NETT!
Where can you get a freaking RM9.90 buffet at any other hotels???
So hit me!


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