It's pouring outside! So let's curl like ular sawa! Yeah!

Meeting. Meeting. Meeting.
Edit video. Edit video. Edit video.

Went to the launching ceremony of Mayor’s KK City book in Le Meridien.
Were seated at the press table together with the ‘ahos’, whom-must-not-be-named.
Anyhow, Julian got ‘the look’ again from some anonymous guy during the event

He had goosebumps all over him. Har! Har!

Uncle Kamaruddin
(Papa’s Friend) treated us at Ocean Seafood just now.
Being the sweetest as always, Papa peeled off the prawn skin for Nadia and I. Hohohoho.
The Shanghai Pancake was awesome and it cost RM12.

Buttered Prawn *I prefer it skinned!!!!*


The usual prawn-peeling assignment

This is Nadia XD
*I decided not to put her Sponge-bob face*

Shanghai Pancake - Rm12

It was raining heavily and our car was parked further away from the Restaurant.
While waiting, the adults decided to continue their chat. *sigh*

Boring weh.... ><"
So I curled up and slept at the table for awhile. (Anak bertuah sungguh)

Photo of me by Nadia
*The pancake really got into me + too much energy used to chew my food*

I only manage to get 1 photo of last nite's Harajuku nite at Shen from Julian.

What's with the sucky internet connection nowadays hah? hah? hah?

Congrats again Irene for winning the ‘Funkiest make-up’
Oh! Fyi, I was randomly picked to become the judge for the ‘Best Funky Hairstyle’.

So Marissa and I chose Naoki. Je-na’s fren.
*ehem! Give us a free funky hairstyle at your salon ok.. kof! kof!*

I'm hearing Dung! Dang! Dung! Dang! outside.
The rain is getting heavier and heavier.
And the wind sounds like hantu.
Uhuhuhuhu... T-T Kowaii.


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