HUJAN @ Indie Band Fest 2008

Having ppl asking how old you are is always intimidating.
You don’t know whether you should be honest, lie, or don’t say anything at all.
Well that happened when I got to interview HUJAN, one of the Malaysian Indie Band during the Indie Band Fest '08 this afternoon.

We were joking around, chit chatting and Noh, the band leader asked me:

Hey Fara... berapa umur ek?
mmm.. coming to..*censored*
What??? Serious...??? alamak... ni bukan adek... ni kak fara.... gua tertipu daaaa... aiseh.. apsal awek2 kat sabah ni tua-tua aa?

Now you see why I censored my age???

Nasib your song not bad. Else I would have swing my bag on your head buddy

Noh is the one with the coconut headed hairstyle.
He really reminded me of Alet, my former 8TV colleague.
Sama menggeramkan!
Eeeeeeeeeee!!! ><"

Coverage on the Indie Band Fest 2008 will soon be up in GoShop! Stay tune!


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