Boob Squeezer

I just got back from visiting tokwan.
Tokwan will be discharged soon. Yey!

All this while I thought hospital is a free place from hamsapness.
Oh no…. I was wrong.
Today I learned that there’s a boob squeezer here as well.
Forget about normal younger patient.
I’m talking about a freaking 80-90 year old man who would just grab your boobs the minute he sees one near him
Tak padan dengan terlantar di hospital bed!
Tsk Tsk Tsk.
I was told that he groped his personal nurse, the hospital nurses AND almost grope his own daughter and family!
Serious sangap orang tua ni.
He couldn’t talk. So....
But don’t tell me that this is his way of communicating!!!
No way I’m gonna go near his bed!

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