=_= so sleeeeepyyyy….

The Tiramisu I ate in Bella Italia just now really kicked me in.
Dozzed off few times while driving home.
Uuuuuuu =_= *zombie mode*

Everybody got sugar high after eating the desserts.
While I had the Tiramisu, the rest had the Fantasia de Maria;
the chocolate gooey pudding I blog the other day.

I have to say that today’s Tiramisu was the best by far.

It was served cold and brrrrr~ Yummy!

“Nah~”, I fed BB
*awwp! Nyum~ Nyum~*
“Oklah.. enough.. I know it’s suffering for you to share
your favourite dessert”
, BB said
“Tudududududu” *tau takper*

Tiramisu served cold... yummy~

Fantasia De Maria (Chocolate Gooey Pudding) - Simply mouthgasm

The photography assignment we suppose to have today was canceled.
Instead, Dino gathered all of us to have a photography session in Pan Pac, Sutera Harbour.

Being the only one who doesn’t have a gempak DSLR camera, Hannah (Dino’s daughter) and I became the subject matter and a part time kanak-kanak ribena running & skipping around the hotel.

Hannah was collecting some sea shells for me.

“kakak farah… what is this?”, asked Hannah
“ermm.. this is a shell where ‘umang-umang’ used as it’s home”,
I answered
“what is ‘umang-umang’?”
“errrrrrrr…I dunno.. Hey Dino.. what’s umang-umang in English?”
*looking at Dino*



<- Hannah & Me

Hannah & Me

Hannah & Me

I saw lanterns hanging along the beach side.
Very nice composition.
So BB took one for me.


Nice kan? All pics here are from BB.
*kof*kof* dia suruh saya cakap yer….
So go visit his blog...
*or I wont be supplied with nice pics anymore T-T*

I am so tempted to have my own DSLR… T-T
Do you know it’s killing to watch people taking very nice pictures with their cool big toys and you only carry around a camera phone which is so midget?

Ceh.. tunggulah dah kerja DJ nanti. Semua lense di kedai aku beli! Buahahahahaha! *self-satisfying mode*

Oh! Remember the multimedia presentation video I said I did for Adzri?

The video was actually for Adzri’s Nyian’s 90th Birthday (Nyian means Granpa among the Brunei-an). So Adzri invited BB and I to attend the birthday party *thanks Adz* and I tell you peeps, this is my very first time attending a birthday party where formality is the utmost important.

Being born in a royalty bloodline *note: Those who are born with the title Pangeran, Awangku, Dayangku as their initials have royalty bloodline in Brunei* , they address each other in a very formal ways.. e.g. Ayahanda, Anakanda, Nenda, Bonda.. my gosh!!!
Gila proper!!!

Anyhow, the party went great, and the video I did touched one of Adzri’s aunt. I saw her got teary eyes after that… Awwww…~

Poor Adzri, it was his birthday too but he was so busy preparing stuff for Nyian. He didn’t sleep at all, yet still can perform 2 songs during the karaoke session. You rock Adz!

Nyian & Adzri

Poco-Poco session

BB & Me

I pray that Adz’s Grandpa will be blessed with more lovely years in the future and to Nyian, I’ll see you on your 100th Birthday! InsyaAllah~

Oh-Oh!!! Today kan.. at Centre Point.. I...


There are so many things happening today…

But I ngantukkkkk~~~ =_=

Tomorrow la I story-morry...

Nite peeps!


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