Pretty uneventful day

Email… Email… Email…
I did so many yet it was not an eventful day.

Even I can’t remember what I did through out the day… but in a way, everything that needs to be sorted out has been done smoothly.

Oh! I do remember gobbling myself up with 2 bottles of big bottled mineral water and shi-shi non-stop. Buahahahaha!

Okay… too much detail.

As I’m typing this, I received a forwarded sms from mama:

“Urgent! Pls watch out for a dark blue kancil SAA4558N, they just kidnap a UMS student at kingfisher. Pls report if u c this car. Spread this info”

Mama is obviously thinking that I’m still out at this hour though I’m happily sitting in my room blogging quietly as soon as my butt got onto the chair.

Anyway, as much as I’m equally worry about the kid, there’s apart of me still wondering how whoever started this sms know that the victim is a UMS student and that the entire sms is another bogus news. But heck, as stated in the sms, pls keep an eye on your surroundings and most importantly be very-very careful & alert at all times.

Never walk alone.


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