I know I shouldn’t:

  • Talk non stop
  • Laugh like crazy woman
  • Eat solid food


But I did ><”

Now my sore throat is worsening and I sound like a cat stuck in a drain.

Every word and sentences that came out from my mouth will followed by a squeaky sound in the middle and everybody started to laugh at me. Gargghhhh!!!! Bangking!

Cousin Hanis is in KK to visit Tokwan in the hospital.
While she’s here, I brought her to Yfitness – Danny’s BodyJam dance class, and as predicted, she fell in love with it.

For dinner, I treated her, BB, my uncle (I call him paksu) and my two goonies Cici and Nadia to Upperstar.

Cici story-mory us about her first day at work and we all chit chat for about an hour before heading off to KK Box Karamunsing for Karaoke.

BB had to meet up Dino dinosaur for his movie review, which in the end got canceled coz dinosaur too tired laying eggs… Haahahahahha… *Joudan joudan… gurauan itu memudakan~~~ talalalala*

At KK box, the 3 girls and Paksu sang their heart out while I enjoyed my hot honey lemon.

Garrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (with a lot of squeaky sound in between) Sore throat sucksssss!!! I can’t sing a single song and had to fork out 30 bucks for ZERO!!! NONE!!! Kapish? *imagining buying new shoes / new top / new bag / 3 meals*

I got bored and sleepy halfway, so I head home early.

Anyway, papa is back from Jakarta!

Papa bought us few clothes and telekung (prayer clothe).

So mama asked me to try it on.

Tadaaaa! I look like a kungfu hustle lady.


*blurry picture. camera phone sucks*


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